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WIP – Noro striped scarf

Posted by Andi on August 31, 2008

For the past couple of weeks the skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock I ordered has been sitting in the living room staring at me. I really wanted to start working with it right away, but I have vowed to only have one sock or sock-like project going on at any given time. Charade is in progress, so I wouldn’t be able to work with the Noro until I finish that.

Then I remembered that I have four balls of Noro Aurora that I bought a few months ago to make a Noro striped scarf. I am not ready to use the sock yarn, but I could use the Aurora!!

Here’s how it looks so far:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

I figure every time there is a major color change I will document it. Right now there are three distinct color sections. Here is the bottom of the scarf:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

The second section, where the blue turned into a rose-like color and the purple turned into black:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

And finally, up to where I am now, where the rose-like color turned to yellow and the black turned into a greenish-tealish color:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

I’m having a real hard time putting this project down because I want to see what is coming next. Even so, I’m bringing Charade to my knitting group today since it’s already in my bag. That is the whole reason I have a sock project going, because it’s more portable than a scarf with two skeins of yarn attached to it.


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