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Posted by Andi on October 29, 2009

I finished my first Christmas Lights sock last night, and cast on the second one last night.

At least I tried.

It took some time for my hands to get used to Judy’s Magic Cast On again. Once I got that down, I started knitting. For some reason, no matter how careful I was, no matter how many times I counted the stitches, I was always off. I think I tried four times. One time I thought I was in the clear because I was off because I dropped a stitch. I picked it back up and went along my way. It messed up again. I don’t know how. And then, the last time I tried, a stitch had dropped, but I had the right number of stitches on the needle. It was at the bottom of the toe, and the stitch slipped out, and there was a hole. I had to frog it. Again.

Hopefully I will have better luck tonight.


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New toe

Posted by Andi on October 13, 2009

Although I’m focusing on the scarf I cast on over the weekend, I did start a new sock project. Socks are easier to pack when traveling, and since I’m traveling this week, I figured I should get started.

I decided to start my second pair of basic toe-up socks, using a different toe and heel than I did last time. The first toe is finished, and here is the result:

My first attempt at Judy's magic cast on

Originally I was going to use the figure eight cast on, but that didn’t work out so well, so I used Judy’s magic cast on instead. I love the cast on itself, but working the rows after it was difficult on DPNs. I can see why casting on with two circular needles is recommended for Judy’s magic cast on and the figure eight cast on. You really need the flexibility of the cable. Although I love knitting socks on DPNs, I may have to buy some circular needles just to cast on.

Anyway, the toe is finished, and I’m onto knitting the foot.

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FO: Rivendell

Posted by Andi on October 11, 2009

FO: Rivendell
Pattern: Rivendell Sock by Janel Laidman
Yarn: Yarn Hollow Chrome (fka Merino Tencel Superwash), 1 hank
Needles: US 1 DPN
Start date: 9/20/09
Finished: 10/10/09

FO: Rivendell

The colors are actually brighter than they appear to be in these photos.

I made a rule that I could not buy yarn at Yarn Con unless I used some of the Yarn I bought at Yarn Con last year. One week to the day before this year’s Yarn Con I finished these socks.

I loved working with this yarn. The colors were beautiful. The yarn was soft and amazing to knit with.

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