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Cozy Cable Socks

Posted by Andi on May 30, 2016

Cozy Cable Socks
Pattern: Cozy Cable Socks by Terry Morris
Yarn: Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stealer in Purple Rain, 1 skein (435 yards)
Needles: US 1
Date started: March 30, 2016
Date completed: May 30, 2016

I finally finished these socks for Tim. It took me longer than normal to finish these. First, I put them down to finish the shawl I wore to the wedding. Second, I messed up the stitch placement on the second sock, so I put this project in time out for a while. Third, because of all the cables I had to cast on more stitches than I would for non-cabled socks, so it ate up more yarn and required more stitches than I typically use.

I did not weigh the hank of yarn before I started knitting, but I always weigh my finished objects so I can figure out how many yards were used. When I weighed these socks this morning, they were 102 grams. It’s supposed to be a 100 gram skein. Weird! I didn’t have much yarn left – maybe just enough for a hexipuff. It’s a good thing there might have been slightly more yardage! So, when trying to figure the number of yards used, I just took what is supposed to be in a typical skein, so 435 yards.

It is difficult to photograph this yarn. In every kind of light it looks like a slightly different color. If you go to my project page you will see the socks are a slightly different color in each photo. It’s not quite periwinkle, it’s more purple than that, but not much. It’s a bit tonal and very beautiful.


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More Hexipuffs!

Posted by Andi on May 22, 2016

After I finished my Frost Flowers Stole I went back to knitting some socks I started for Tim. I had to put them on the side to finish the shawl on time. I was making good progress. I finished the first sock, started the second sock. I was moving right along when I realized that I was doing the gusset wrong. I didn’t have the stitches distributed on the needles correctly, so I was decreasing in the wrong place.

I just wanted to throw the socks down and forget about them, but I didn’t. I ripped back to where I had to pick up stitches to start the gusset so I wouldn’t forget what the problem was, or pick them up one day and forget it was wrong and knit even more. Then I put them in time out.

I needed something else to do, so I decided to knit some hexipuffs. Back at the end of 2015 I started knitting hexipuffs out of yarn a friend sent me. I didn’t get through all of the different fingering weight yarns she sent before the end of the year, so I spent the past couple of weeks making hexipuffs out of the different yarns she sent me.

More hexipuffs!

I have finally used up the yarn she gave me last night – except for two white balls of yarn that I’m saving for cuffs, heels and toes for socks.

It was so nice out yesterday that I was able to knit some of the hexipuffs outside! The weather has been really on and off here. We have one or two nice days, and then a week of icky days. But yesterday it was sunny and warm, and we spent the afternoon on our front porch.

It's a gorgeous day, finally, so I'm knitting on the porch.

After I finished those hexipuffs I filled my current hexipuff project bag with leftovers another friend, one from my knitting group, gave me. I will try to make two hexipuffs out of each leftover yarn she sent me too. I may or may not start that today.

Oh, and Tim’s socks. I did pick up the gusset stitches and did the first decrease row. I stopped there so that I can finish the gusset and work on the foot on my trip this week.

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Frost Flowers Stole

Posted by Andi on May 14, 2016

Frost Flowers Stole
Pattern: Frost Flowers Shawl by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Lace in 24846 Lilac, 2.44 skeins (1073.6 yards, 122 g)
Needles: US 5
Date started: April 4, 2016
Date completed: May 7, 2016

I worked on this shawl fairly monogamously through the month of April so that it would be finished in time to wear to a wedding on May 7. If you look at the date above, you will see I actually finished it on the day, which is a bit misleading because I only wove in the ends that day. I finished knitting it and blocking it earlier in the week. I thought this shawl looked pretty complicated, but the lace was actually pretty intuitive after I got a row or two into each repeat. Here is a close up of the lace.

Frost Flowers Stole

I wore the shawl to the wedding. I thought it looked nice with my dress. Someone actually stopped Tim and I on the street on the way to the wedding to tell us how nice we looked.

Sometimes we lion nice

Everyone in my knit group was looking forward to seeing the finished shawl because I have been knitting on it for so many weeks. So I brought it on Monday, and one of the ladies noticed a hole! Oh no! Thankfully it was just on the seam. The shawl is knit in the round from the outside in, and grafted together in the middle. Apparently when I blocked it, I stretched it too long for the seam and it snapped. Thankfully only a few stitches came out of the seam, and because this yarn is not too slick none of the stitches dropped down. I quickly put the loose stitches on waste yarn, and I will be able to repair it soon. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it yet. But I will.

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