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New WIP: Cabled Pocket Shawl; and how I will manage to finish Christmas knitting and my dissertation

Posted by Andi on November 29, 2007

On Tuesday night I cast on for the Cabled Pocket Shawl. There are no pictures as of yet since there isn’t much to show. So far I’ve finished both pockets and started on the first half of the shawl.

I put Branching Out on the back burner a bit. I think that’s the last gift I will work on. I’ve also decided it’s not a good project to work on while watching television, as that’s when I’m making mistakes. That’s a music-only project. It’s not difficult, but I tend to be less careful while watching television, and this project isn’t very forgiving in that way.

More importantly, though, I have come up with a plan to complete both my holiday knitting and the first draft of my dissertation, which I plan on turning in before the new year (preferably before Christmas). My goal is that on the evenings where I work at my job I will do one hour of dissertation work and one hour of knitting. I can do more of either, but at least one hour of each. On days I don’t work I will do more. For example, right now I’m planning on not doing any dissertation work on Sundays, which means that I will probably spend most of Sunday knitting (which works out since I go to a knitting group that meets on Sundays). Then on Saturday or whatever my day off work is I will probably work all day on my dissertation. I feel this plan allows me the time to work on both without getting too stressed out on either one.

I’ve only had this plan for one day, but so far it’s working out well. Last night I knitting while waiting for dinner to arrive, then worked on my dissertation for a little over an hour, and finally I knitted while watching Project Runway. I win!


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Oh my gosh *gasp*

Posted by Andi on November 27, 2007

How much do I love the Socks That Rock Raven Clan colorways? You know, some Socks That Rock lightweight in any of those colors would make a great gift for a certain blogger!

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FO: He’s Driving Me Wild Gloves

Posted by Andi on November 26, 2007

Tim's gloves

Pattern: He’s Driving Me Wild Gloves by Judith Durant, from Never Knit Your Man a Sweater* Unless You Have the Ring
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Deep Seaflower, 1 hank
Needles: 4 US dpns

Sure, they aren’t perfect, but this was my first pair of gloves and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I loved working with this yarn, and after washing it’s so much softer.

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Did I accomplish my goals?

Posted by Andi on November 25, 2007

In my last post I listed my four knitting goals for the weekend? Did I accomplish them?

1. Check to make sure the yarn I have in my stash is enough for a certain Christmas present I plan to make.

Yes, I did. My new scale worked great. And indeed, I do have enough yarn. My how my stash is shrinking!

2. Finish Tim’s gloves.

Yes, I did! Well, they aren’t completely wearable yet. They have been washed, and are currently drying. The yarn used is a superwash merino wool, and I was amazed at how much softer the gloves are after being washed than they were when I was knitting. I probably should have anticipated that, but I was surprised at the huge difference. I hope Tim likes them. He thought they felt nice before washing, so I’m hoping that after washing he’ll be as happy with them as I am.

3. Finish Branching Out.

Unfortunately I did not accomplish this one. I was probably about half done with it when I completely messed up. I was off by about five stitches and I couldn’t figure out how or why, or how to fix it. So I frogged it. I know, I probably just could have ripped back to a place where the number of stitches was correct. My problem, though, is losing stitches such as yarnovers. I was having a hard time getting everything back on the needle, and I figured that the amount of time spent monkeying around with it wasn’t going to be much shorter than just starting over. At this point I’m used to the pattern and it’s knitting up fairly quickly, so I should get back to where I was much more quickly than I did the first time.

4. The only circumstance under which I am allowed to buy yarn this weekend is if the yarn I’m planning to use in #1 isn’t sufficient.

Since #1 worked out, this one was easy to keep!

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My knitting goals for this long weekend

Posted by Andi on November 21, 2007

I’m defining the weekend as starting after I leave work this afternoon through Sunday night.

1. Check to make sure the yarn I have in my stash is enough for a certain Christmas present I plan to make. I finally get to use my new scale! I hope to cast on for this project next week.

2. Finish Tim’s gloves. This is ridiculous already. It’s glove-wearing weather and he doesn’t have his gloves. He’s using the ones he had from last year, but these will be better and he should have them already.

3. Finish Branching Out. Now that I’m used to the pattern it goes pretty quickly. I hope I can get it done this weekend. Two finished objects in one week, how awesome would that be?  Because Tim will be with me this weekend I will not be able to work on Cobblestone at all.  This makes me sad, but if I can get these two things out of the way it means I can then just focus on Cobblestone and #1.

4. The only circumstance under which I am allowed to buy yarn this weekend is if the yarn I’m planning to use in #1 isn’t sufficient.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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New WIP: Branching out

Posted by Andi on November 15, 2007

I cast on for Branching Out Sunday afternoon at my knitting group after I bound of My So Called Scarf and didn’t feel like weaving in ends at Starbucks.

Branching Out

This is the third holiday gift I cast on, and it is intended for my stepmother’s grandmother. She’s an elderly woman, and outside of knitting for her I don’t really know what to give her for Christmas. She used to crochet (I’m not sure if she knit or not), and whenever I am at my dad and stepmother’s house knitting she is always interested in what I’m working on, so I thought she would appreciate this. The yarn is by Sofil. I never heard of Sofil before, but I got 5 balls of it in a grab bag at Yarn Con. It looks like an antiquey sort of color, which I thought would go well with the lace. So far I like it.

I’ve also started working on Cobblestone again while Tim isn’t home. He came home from work two hours early on Tuesday, right while I was working on it. It’s a good thing I was watching something on my computer, because when he walked in I dropped the sleeve I was working on under the desk and told him to leave the room. I don’t think he saw it. Unfortunately he must now suspect that I’m making something for him. At least what I’m making is still a surprise. I was also thinking of getting him something else, in case the sweater doesn’t go over, and so that will be a surprise as well. Right now it’s a surprise to me too! I’m thinking maybe tickets to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, but we’ll see. One ticket I can swing. Two will be more difficult.

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I almost forgot!

Posted by Andi on November 14, 2007

I opened my mail on Saturday afternoon and found that I had a package. I couldn’t imagine what it was because the only thing I remembered ordering was from Amazon, and this clearly wasn’t it. I took it out, and it was my Ravelry t-shirt! I forgot that they were shipping.

I swatched Ravelry

As you can see, I got the black one, and it fits like a glove! Since it arrived on Saturday I was tempted to wear it on Sunday. Sunday, however, is knitting group day, and I just couldn’t wear the Ravelry t-shirt to the knitting group. That would be akin to wearing a band t-shirt to go to that particular band’s concert. For me that’s a big no-no. I sometimes even cringe when I go to a show, especially a general admission one, and people put on the t-shirt they just bought over whatever they were wearing. I understand they have nowhere else to put it, but still. Ugh. Wearing a sports team’s shirt while at a game is one thing, wearing a band’s t-shirt to their own gig is lame. Wearing another band’s t-shirt to a gig is acceptable. I’m weird.

Buttons are okay, however. So I did put my buttons on the tote bag I’m currently using to carry my projects around.


Well, at least the two smaller ones. I just put the bigger “hello my name is” button on last night before taking the picture. I couldn’t find my Sharpie on Sunday, so I didn’t want to just put it on my bag blank.

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FO: My So Called Scarf

Posted by Andi on November 13, 2007

My So Called Scarf

Pattern: My So Called Scarf
Yarn: Lion Brand Kool Wool in ivory; 4 full balls and probably a little more than half of a fifth
Needles: US 13 straight

This was the second holiday project I started, but it’s the first one I finished. I started the Cobblestone sweater a while ago, which was meant to be a birthday present. Oops. But I finished weaving in the ends of My So Called Scarf this evening. This will be a gift for a coworker who is very impressed with my knitting skills, and I’m sure will appreciate a hand knitted gift.

As I said before, I was nervous about using a solid color, but I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I have received so many wonderful comments on it, both on Ravelry and from people who have seen me working on it at knitting groups. Nothing but praise. I’m really proud of it.

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Posted by Andi on November 6, 2007

Click here to see some photos of the Colette Pullover by Véronik Avery from the Winter 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. I wonder if I can alter this pattern so that instead of looking like a bunch of cat heads I can make it look like a bunch of skulls. Usually I have low confidence in my ability to alter patterns, but I bet I can come up with a pattern for a skull using the same number of stitches and rows. Hmmm.

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And the winner is…

Posted by Andi on November 3, 2007

…My So Called Scarf! Ultimately I thought either it or Branching Out would be the easiest for me to work on yesterday. Finally I decided that it would, in fact, be tacky for me to work on a scarf I planned to give as a gift in front of the person I was planning to give it to. So there. My So Called Scarf was the obvious choice.

It’s going really well so far.

My So Called Scarf

I love the stitch pattern! It’s really easy after doing the first two rows.

Close up

I can see myself adapting this to make other things. I saw on Ravelry that someone made a hat out using this stitch pattern, and it was really cute.

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