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Stash Enhancement Adjustment

Posted by Andi on July 29, 2014

If you’ve been reading this blog this year you know that in an effort to reduce my stash I’ve been keeping track of how many yards of yarn I knit as well as how many yards of yarn I purchase acquire. My goal is that, by the end of the year, I will have knit more yards than I acquire. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my yarn buying rules (either have a pattern in mind, or it must be bought at a yarn festival or from an indie dyer, or souvenir yarn, or yarn I can’t easily get at home).

I have been knitting along nicely, finishing many projects and I have several WIPs. But in the past couple of weeks I’ve acquired some new yarn. It’s time for me to be accountable and add some new yards into the “acquired” total.

First, I received my package from the Puck This! Off Season Swap on Ravelry. In my package, not only did my lovely swap partner make me a beautiful orange market bag, but she also included this lovely yarn.

Blue Ridge Yarns Footlights in Blue Lagoon

This is Blue Ridge Yarns Footlights in the Blue Lagoon colorway. There are four mini skeins of 100 yards each. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see that there are two different shades of green (one on each end) and two skeins of navy blue. Keeping the skeins separate allows the knitter to determine for himself or herself how thick the stripes will be. Isn’t that cool?! I will separate the greens with a stripe of the blue. What I haven’t figured out yet is what I want to make. I’m not sure if I want to do socks or a scarf or a cowl. I kind of want to make all three. What would you make?

The second bit of stash enhancement comes courtesy of the Doctor Who Companion Sock Club by Pandia’s Jewels and Javapurl Designs. The yarn arrived on July 21st, and I received the pattern a few days later. Those of you who know me will know why I was so excited when I opened the yarn.

Pandia's Jewels Yarn Snug in Spoilers

Yes, there is some pink, but for the most part… BLACKHAWKS COLORS!!! The colorway is called Spoilers, and the pattern was inspired by River Song. I love the pattern and the yarn, and I can’t wait to knit this up.

So, now onto the calculations. These two skeins of yarn total 862 yards, bringing my total yarn procurement in 2014 to 4,719 yards. As of when I’m typing this post, I’ve knit a total of 5,477.1 yards. That means I’ve knit 116% of the yards I have acquired. I am quite proud that I added a fair amount of yarn to my stash, and I’m still ahead. While the total knit includes some projects that I have knit and haven’t posted, it does not include three WIPs I am currently working on, as well as a frogged project that I started and decided I didn’t like.


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Indie Burgh Socks, or What I Did at the Blackhawks Convention

Posted by Andi on July 27, 2014

I swear I’ve been knitting. Really, I have. I’ve been slacking on a sweater, and I’ve knit two things I can’t really talk about yet. But I have finished something! I started these socks right after I finished the Electric Blue Anklets I posted about last time. Oh, and the socks really are even, I just didn’t make sure they were even on my legs when I took the picture.

Indie Burgh Socks
Pattern: Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl 2014 Socks by C.C. Almon
Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in We’re Different Strohblume, .57 skein
Needles: US 1
Date started: July 4, 2014
Date completed: July 20, 2014

This is such a great pattern. It’s so easy to memorize, and comes in both toe-up and cuff-down versions, so you can make whichever one you want. I went with the toe-up version, which seems to be my sock of choice lately. I realize that I hate picking up the gusset stitches along the heel flap edge in magic loop. I don’t mind it on DPNs, but for some reason I really don’t like it on magic loop.

Last weekend was the Blackhawks Convention. There is a lot of sitting around or waiting in line at the Blackhawks Convention, so I thought this would be the perfect project to take. I had already finished the first sock by then, and was just starting the second. I got as far as the toe. I don’t know why, but when I’m doing toe-up socks and taking them somewhere to work on them, I want the toe to be finished first. I’m just weird that way. So I only had the toe of the second sock done before I went to the convention last Friday. I started working on the foot Friday afternoon when I was in line to get a wristband to get Jack O’Callahan’s (former Blackhawk and 1980 Olympic Team member) autograph.

Knitting in Jack O'Callahan's autograph line #knitting #BlackhawkConvention #operationsockdrawer

It grew from there. I arrive Saturday morning for the first sessions (about the Blackhawks baby boom) and took this picture. I didn’t put the whole sock in the picture, but you can tell that the foot was much further along.

Waiting for the first session to start. #hockey #knitting #operationsockdrawer

I even finished the gusset and turned the heel on Saturday. I was in the home stretch on Sunday. I just had a few more pattern repeats of the leg and the cuff to finish.

Day 3 of the Convention. Almost done! #knitting #operationsockdrawer #hockey #BHC2014

I really thought I would finish the cuff at the convention on Sunday. I was going to sit through two sessions in the same room, and I didn’t leave the room in between. Part way through the second session I started the first row of the cuff when I realized I really had to use the restroom. For a few minutes I thought I would wait until the end of the session, but at that point I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I put the sock away and went to the restroom, thinking I would be back in the room in five minutes and I would finish the cuff. But as I was walking to the restroom and woman who worked at the convention approached me and asked if I wanted Brent Seabrook’s autograph. You couldn’t just wait in line for his autograph, you had to win a pass. I said okay, she handed me a pass, and I decided to do that instead. Only I realized I had nothing for him to sign, so I had to run downstairs to the market area to get a puck and run back upstairs to get in line. Once I got Brent Seabrook’s autograph the session was over.

I did finish the sock that day, but I didn’t start back up on the cuff again until I got home. The socks took 290.7 yards of yarn, bringing my total yards knit so far this year (including some yardage for one of those things I mentioned above that I can’t post about yet) to 5,131.5. At the time I finished these (it has since changed but this is also a story for another post) I had purchased 3,857 yards of yarn this year. Thus, as of July 20, I had knit 133% of the total yardage I have purchased so far this year.

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Electric Blue Anklets

Posted by Andi on July 5, 2014

Electric Blue Anklets
Pattern: Slip Stitch Heel Basic Socks by Wendy H. Johnson, incorporating Barely There Socks by Jill L. Schaefer
Yarn: Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes in Sapphire Batik, .49 skein
Needles: US 1
Date started: June 14, 2014
Date completed: July 4, 2014

I got so much out of this one skein of sock yarn. First, I made Tim a new pair of gloves. Then I made a hexipuff. I still had a lot of yarn left over, so I figured I could make some anklets.

After knitting the first sock I got nervous that I wouldn’t have enough yarn left, so I weighed the first sock and the amount of yarn left over. The leftover yarn weighed more than the sock, barely, so I continued on. Even though I knew I had enough yarn by weight, as I got toward the end of the second stock I got nervous that it wouldn’t be enough. But it was fine. There is enough left over to make another hexipuff, but then this skein will be totally used up.

These socks used 205.8 yards of fingering weight yarn, bringing my total yardage this year to 5,131.5 yards. This includes a project I haven’t posted about yet, but it’s part of a swap package and I won’t be able to post about it until after my swapee receives her box. Now I’ve knit 133% of the yardage I have purchased so far this year. This is good, because the first installment of my yarn club should be arriving in a couple of weeks, and that will drive the percentage down. I must keep knitting!

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