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Sticking to my plan

Posted by Andi on March 25, 2012

I’m making progress on the baby sweaters. One just needs to be finished: block, sew seams, add buttons, done. The main body of the other sweater is finished. I need to sew some seams, pick up and knit along the bottom, single crochet around the front and neck, sew on the button, and block.

I thought about trying to finish these tonight, or at least coming close. I figure I will block the one sweater tonight. But I decided not to sew the seams in order to continue knitting the other for two reasons. First, the Blackhawks game was about to start, and I wanted to watch it. Sewing seams is not conducive to watching hockey. Second, I hate sewing seams, so I figured it would be way less painful if I waited until I got to knit group tomorrow. That way I could be social and sew seams and maybe it would be less painful.

To me, sewing seams is like exercise. After being a gymnast in my youth, I find many forms of exercise to be awfully boring. I do some because I have to. But I joined a walking group hoping that by conversing while on a brisk walk it won’t feel like boring exercise. It worked. After having fun knitting a garment, I find seaming to be awfully boring. Hence, I will seam at knit group tomorrow night.

So what was I going to do tonight while watching the hockey game? I know I have some project goals, such as finishing the scarf and mittens I started, and making a sweater. Before I knit the sweater I need to swatch (I’ve heard this yarn grows) and none of the yarn is wound, so I didn’t want to deal with that. The scarf and mittens both involve color work, which would mean I wouldn’t get to look at the television, so that was out. Before I can start my amigurumi vegetables I need to take stock of which colors of Cascade 220 I have and which I still need, and I didn’t feel like doing that.

I know, I could start a new project! I chose a beautiful skein of Malabrigo lace weight yarn I have started to work with in the past but I didn’t like the project. I found a nice shawl pattern that was pretty basic, making it a perfect TV project. So I got the needles I needed and cast on.

Then I had cast on remorse. There are so many things I vowed I would finish before starting something new-new. Besides, if this shawl becomes my new television project, when am I supposed to knit hexipuffs? So after 18 rows (they weren’t long rows) I frogged it. I will spend the rest of the evening blocking a baby sweater and knitting hexipuffs.

It wasn’t a wasted effort, however. I really liked how the yarn looked with the shawl pattern, so I know when I’m ready to cast on a new project that I will be happy with that combination.


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Hexipuffing Month 7

Posted by Andi on March 24, 2012

Hexipuffing Month 7

Because I’ve been busy baby knitting, I only had time to make four hexipuffs this month. That brings the grand total to 85 hexipuffs.

Which four are the new ones? If you look at the middle column, they are the four in the middle (the two on the top of the column and the two on the bottom of the column are old ones). The red one came from some leftover yarn Mimi let me make some puffs from, and the other four come from the mini-skeins Angela gave me for Christmas.

I kind of like how I have them laid out here. I used solid or semi-solid puffs for some columns, and heavily variegated puffs for other columns. It’s not perfect because I have many more variegated ones than solid ones, but I like the distribution here. I might stick with this when finally putting the thing together, but we’ll see.

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What did I do now?

Posted by Andi on March 11, 2012

Last Saturday, so a week ago yesterday, I was invited to go with a group of people who a pottery party. It was my first time throwing pottery, and I was afraid I was going to end up with a nondescript lump. However, I ended up with this:

Unglazed bowl

That’s my bowl. I can’t take credit for it coming out so well, however. The instructor gave me a lot of help. I would start out on my own, and she would perfect it. For example, I could get the clay up high enough, but she helped angle the bowl and made it even. The hardest part for me was knowing how heavy or light of a touch to use at any given time, and I’m sure that’s something that comes with practice. We only had a couple of hours, so I didn’t get the hang of that.

We let our pieces dry a bit, then we painted on the glaze. I think mine was one of two where the glaze color should look fairly similar after it’s fired to what it looked like before it was fired.

Wet glaze

The white should have some speckles in it, and I think the rusty color will be slightly different, but you get the idea.

Tim was afraid I was going to come home with a new hobby, and I have to say that I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and focusing on the clay. And much to my dismay I spent part of last Sunday researching pottery studios in the area and how much their classes cost — more than I want to pay. Right now. I can see myself trying my hand at pottery in the future, though.

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The most useful knitting book in my collection

Posted by Andi on March 2, 2012

My stash is mostly sock yarn, and not just knitting socks. It’s easy to make a whole project out of one skein of sock yarn. I don’t have to have a certain project in mind or try to figure out how many yards of sock yarn to buy — all I need is 350 yards and I can at least make a pair of socks.

For this reason, the book Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant (Editor) has become the most useful knitting book in my collection.


My mom bought this book for me for my birthday last year, and I’ve already made three things from the book, I’m currently working on a fourth, and my next project will be from this book as well.

The book has a wide variety of projects: socks, obviously, but also gloves and mittens, hats, bags, items for babies and children, and doll clothes. There are many different designers, so there are a variety of styles. I also appreciate the interesting construction of some of the patterns. For instance, I made a pair of side-to-side socks that were knit flat, and I’m currently making a baby sweater where you knit each half starting from the sleeve up and graft up the back. Most of the patterns are knitting patterns, but there are also a few crochet patterns in there that make me want to improve my crochet skills so I can give them a try.

As long as I have sock yarn in my stash (and I think that will be forever) I will continue making projects from this book. There are many cute projects I want for myself, and many that make fantastic gifts.

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