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What to get?

Posted by Andi on May 30, 2015

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I got two knitting related birthday presents. The first was a copy of Sock Architecture by Lara Neel. I’ve been wanting to try all the heels and toes in that book so that I make socks in any way that I want to and be able to customize other patterns easily, but I will probably start by knitting the patterns in the book. Woo hoo!

The second gift was a gift certificate to a local yarn store. I was trying to think of what to buy, and while I’m still not certain I have narrowed it down a bit. I have knit a lot of things, and some pretty impressive things. But I don’t have any garments I have made for myself that are awesome. I have great accessories, but the sweaters I have made for myself are pretty plain. I decided I want to make an awesome sweater for myself – something interesting and with cables that look amazing. I also want it to be something that is versatile so I can get a lot of use out of it.

I didn’t want to narrow the patterns down too much. I figured I would go to the store with a handful of patterns in mind, see what yarns they have that suit each pattern, and decide what I want to make from there. If there is a bulky yarn I really like I might choose the Dickinson Pullover. I have loved this sweater for years, and I already own the pattern so that’s a plus.

The other two sweaters I picked both call for worsted weight yarn — the same yarn actually (Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER which I’m pretty sure my LYS doesn’t have). The first is Joist and the second is Rowe. I don’t own either of these patterns, but that’s okay. The problem is, if my LYS has a good substitution yarn, which of these patterns would I pick? Rowe requires so much more yarn that it’s the obvious choice. The yarn might cost more than the gift certificate is worth, so why not use the gift certificate for the most expensive project? We’ll see.

I have a couple other patterns I purchased recently where if there is any money left over on the gift certificate I might purchase yarn for these. They are both by Tin Can Knits. I just love their patterns, and I love how the garments have such a huge size range, anything from babies to larger adults. One is Snowflake. Some people have made it with one color, but I like it better with two colors. The other is Low Tide. Since that’s made with fingering weight yarn it’s probably going to be the cheapest of the projects.

So there you go. Right now I’m leaning toward Rowe, but I’ll see what’s speaking to me when I get to the shop.


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Birthday Socks

Posted by Andi on May 3, 2015

Birthday Socks
Pattern: Vanilla Bean Striped Socks by Emily O’Grady
Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL in 553, .65 skein (298.4 yards)
Needles: US 1
Date started: April 2, 2015
Date completed: April 23, 2015

I call these socks Birthday Socks because I bought this yarn on my birthday in 2014. My birthday is in May. I took that day off work. My mom, Tim and I went to lunch, bought some seeds and plants for our garden, stopped at the yarn store (for my mom, not for me) and did some work in the garden.

Note I said we went to the yarn store for my mom. Well, you know what happens when I go into a yarn store – I rarely leave empty handed. I saw this skein of yarn, and I really wanted it, even though it’s not the colors I typically knit with for myself. But it was mid-May, we were preparing the garden, but it was such a gray day, and cold, and I really needed a bit of spring.

I decided to start knitting these socks more than a month before my birthday this year, in the hope that they would be done in time for me to wear them on my birthday. Well, they are! I have worn them once, and so I will wash them again and wear them next on my birthday, which is in 10 days.

Today I'm wearing my newest pair of socks. #wearingmyhandknits #knitting

I’m not super thrilled with how these turned out. I mean, they’re fine, but not what I wanted. First, I was hoping the stripes were more regular. They aren’t all the same width, and not always in order. The blue and purple were really rare, and I was disappointed they didn’t show up more. Although I knit the sock my own way, I used the stitch pattern from the Vanilla Bean Striped Socks which essentially involves slip stitches where the colors change. The problem is, sometimes the color changes were subtle. I would have to spend a lot of time deciding whether there was a new stripe. I think I want to do this stitch pattern again, only with self-striping sock yarn with more contrast.

As noted above, these socks used 298.4 yards of yarn, bringing my yards out total to 3,529.8 yards. My yards in amount is 5,693.2 yards, bringing my percentage to 63%. I’m getting there. I have three other projects that are currently on the needles that will bring me up to about 90%. Yay!

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