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My first college hockey game

Posted by Andi on November 27, 2011

I took Thanksgiving week off work, and we spent it at Tim’s parents’ house. Pretty much all we did was relax, but we did do a few things, like go to a college hockey game. Western Michigan University was only an hour and a half away, and they were playing a game against Notre Dame Tuesday night, so we decided to go.

Lawson Arena

Those who know me well know how much I like hockey and may be surprised to know I had never been to a college game before, especially since the university where I did my undergraduate work (University of Illinois at Chicago) had a team (they don’t anymore). I listened to some of their games on the radio, as well as other college games I could get on the AM band of the stereo in my bedroom. At night the signals travel further, and I was often able to get University of Vermont games when Martin St. Louis was on the team. I’ve seen a few games on TV, but never in person.


The band and fans were great. It was a great atmosphere. There were a lot of families in the crowd, including a little girl in a WMU cheerleader outfit who was adorable.

Warm up

Of course, I had to buy a t-shirt. It was only $14!! With long sleeves! We got some warmed sugar almonds, which was the coolest concession I have ever had at a sporting event. Yummy!

Gold man

It was a fun time. Tim, who does not like sports, said it was an interesting experience, and he would be willing to go to more games. And it was a good night for the home team: WMU won in a shoot out.


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My new favorite blanket

Posted by Andi on November 26, 2011

Blackhawks blanket

Yes, that’s me under there, holding up a Blackhawks blanket that is big enough to fit a queen size bed. It’s really thick and warm, and it’s my new favorite thing on the planet.

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WIP – Sandalwood Socks

Posted by Andi on November 20, 2011

Thanks to those of you who commented on this post or to my inquiry on Ravelry. Based on everyone’s feedback, I chose the Sandalwood Socks as my most recent sock pattern. Here is the first one:

Sandalwood Socks

I finished this sock yesterday, and started the second. I only cast on and knit the first two rounds, then I put it away.

This socks was knit almost exclusively on airplanes. I cast on and did the first few rows at home. Then yesterday I finished the toe at home. The rest was knit on flights. My goal was to finish this pair of socks in November, but at this rate that’s not going to happen. I have way too many other projects I need to work on at home to take any time to work on these socks. I will be lucky if the second sock is finished before the end of the year.

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Hexipuffing, Month 3

Posted by Andi on November 19, 2011

Hexipuffing, Month 3

I’m up to 50!! If I stick to my estimate of 400 hexipuffs for my quilt, I’m 1/8 of the way there.

As I thought, it’s been slow going lately. I really only make hexipuffs one day a week, if that, usually while watching TV. Now that I’ve started a Christmas gift project (no more news on that until after the holidays) that is a little easier to do while watching TV than the two colorwork projects I have on the needles, the hexipuffing has tailed off tremendously. I’m going to try to make at least one a week, but I don’t expect my monthly pictures to look much different from this over the next couple of months.

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I’ve been buying yarn again

Posted by Andi on November 5, 2011

But I’ve been good about it, and only buying what I need for specific projects.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my LYS for the first time in a long time. They have a large selection of Cascade 220, so I picked out a couple of skeins in colors I need to make the amigurumi vegetables I’m going to make as a centerpiece for my dining room table.

This one will be used to make garlic:

Cascade 220

And this one will be used to make peas, and perhaps some other green vegetables:

Cascade 220

I figure every time I go into the store I will buy a couple of the colors I need so I don’t have to drop the cash all at once.

Then this week, while I was out of town, my order from Knit Picks arrived. I bought two skeins of Dishie to crochet some bath puffs for Tim and myself. I also bought a couple of circular needles I needed. The rest of the yarn, well, I can’t say since it’s all for Christmas presents. Sorry! Outside of the socks I’m working on when I travel, the second mitten I have to make, and my scarf, any other knitting I am doing won’t show up on here until at least December 26. Sorry!

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