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The crafting adventures of a knitter, music lover, and hockey fan.

About Me

Sitting above the water

I am a recent transplant to the suburbs (albeit a cool one) from Chicago who started knitting in the autumn of 2003 because, as a poor graduate student, I thought it would be inexpensive to make gifts for people.  Oh, how wrong I was! I live with my boyfriend, who is very tolerant of my knitting habit.  We are trying to be more healthy, more environmentally friendly, and more creative. Although we have been making positive lifestyle changes for a couple of years, our recent move has motivated us to start fresh.

This blog started out as knitting-only blog, as I had another blog where I chronicled other aspects of my life. In the end I decided one blog was the way to go, and this blog is now expanding to include other aspects of my life. My life inspires my knitting, and my knitting has a huge impact on my life, so I no longer feel like knitting is a hobby separate from my other interests.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Kim said

    hey, are you in chicago? I know there is a mellenium park there. I live in LA, but was born and raised in Chicago and graduated from Norhtwestern University. Believe it or not, I have never been to Mellenium Park. It was built after I moved here. When i go home, its usually in winter and there is no way I am going downtown that time of year. It did not take long for me to become a weather wimp!

  2. angella said

    hi andi,

    i was looking at various pictures of the kittyville devil hat pattern to show my boyfriend what i am making for his son for christmas this year. i nearly died when i saw your picture! not only do you go by the name that i had growing up, spelling and all, but you have a taste for the same type of frames that i do!

    i was wondering if you would be so kind as to share where you managed to find such glorious cats eye frames with a canadian girl living in a city where style like that is next to impossible to find?

    if so, please, please, please email me back: angella.russell at

    thanks so much and i love your knits, gorgeous!

  3. Erin said

    Hi Andi! I recently came across your blog (left a comment just a few minutes ago on your piano double knit project). It looks like you’re in Chicago… I am too! I am always looking for new fun people to knit with/share patterns and tips and tricks with/etc… After reading some of your blogs, I wanted to introduce myself and see if you’d be interested in connecting about knitting! Feel free to drop me a line via email-

    Happy new year, and I love your stuff: you’re very talented!

  4. adele cannell said

    Andi…just read your blog for the first time. Thanks so much for your inspiration and dedication to your craft. I will miss you and the group, but I will try to stay connected here. xxoo

  5. been wondering what has become of you since the demise of MySpace. I miss trading hockey jabs. If you are on facebook, please friend me! Mark (greatwhitebear) Spurrier.

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