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If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed it

Posted by Andi on June 27, 2007

I finished the second tie on Poinsettia!!!  All of the actual knitting is now done!  I finished the second tie while watching Hotel Rwanda last night. Now, all that’s left is the finishing. Finishing. Ouch. I hate finishing.

I was looking at my finished objects for this year. The year is half over, and so far I only have two hats and a horrible iPod cozy. Sure, soon I’ll also have a sweater, but I feel like there should be way more finished objects than that.

I’m trying to have only two works-in-progress at a time, which means not casting on another project until I’m done with Poinsettia. Ugh.


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Posted by Andi on June 26, 2007

We don’t have AC in our apartment, and it was so steamy and gross outside yesterday that there was no way I could knit either of the projects I’m currently working on. I thought about knitting gauge swatches for my first pair of socks since those are small and shouldn’t make me hot, but, well, I just couldn’t be bothered. So I just sat in front of my computer and looked at all of the knitting-related things I want, and now I thought I would share them with you.

Nora Gaughan, Vol. 1 from Berroco. I want to make most of the patterns in this book. Kukka is the sort of thing I have always wanted to wear, but I always feel like I can’t pull something like this off:

I also really like Anais and Kaari. Kaari doesn’t look like the most exciting project in the world to knit, but it looks like the most comfortable sweater ever!!! Really, though, I want to make all of these patterns.

KnitPicks Risata sock yarn. I have yet to make a pair of socks, but I’m totally coveting sock yarn. I blame all of you podcasters and bloggers talking about your sock projects and lovely sock yarns. I want to just buy a ton of sock yarn, throw it all on my bed, and lay in it (though not today as it’s hot, and as I said, we have no AC). I have a feeling that once I make my first pair of socks that will be it. I will be a sock-knitting fiend. At least I hope.

Finally, I want my Ravelry invite!

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Knitscene Fall 2007

Posted by Andi on June 25, 2007

I bought my copy of the Fall 2007 issue of Knitscene. You can see the patterns here. I am so excited. I want to make everything! Okay, I want to make some more than others. They include:

Prairie Kimono
Cactus Blossom
Firefly Mobius
Ingenue Blouse (I must make this now!!!)
Breton Girl
Seaweed Sweater
Ribby Retro Socks

Tim likes the Highland Zip, so maybe I’ll make that for him one day.

This isn’t to say I don’t like the other patterns. I really like all of them, but the ones above are the ones I’m most excited about. I also really like Road to Golden, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle that yet.

Not only do all the patterns in the magazine make me a happy girl, but I also want to make most of the items in the ads! Especially that red hat in the Classic Elite Yarns ad on the back cover. How cute is that?

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Progress in public

Posted by Andi on June 24, 2007

Yesterday I went with two of my friends up to Evanston for lunch, and then for yummy coffee drinks and chocolate at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. Yum! Ethel’s was a great place to knit at, but I don’t think I could knit there very often or I wouldn’t fit into my clothes anymore!!

While at Ethel’s I cast on the left front of Lys. The bottom of the sweater is knit using Berroco Hip Hop in Dude, which isn’t on the site anymore so I guess it’s been discontinued. The bottom is knit in k1 p1 rib.

Hip hop

This is the first time I’ve used a yarn that varies in thickness. That, coupled with the varigation, makes working with this yarn very exciting. It’s interesting to see whether the next stitch with be thick or thin and see how the colors come out. I would love to use yarn like this again. I think it would be great for making a hat and scarf for those cold winter days we sometimes get here in Chicago.

Just above the Hip Hop section there is a stripe in Berroco Bling Bling in Rust/Gold.

More of the bottom of Lys

I don’t like how it looks alone with the Hip Hop, but once I start making the rest of the body of the sweater with the blue yarn it looks much better.

I’ve finished the Bling Bling stripe, so now I will probably put this on hold and go back to Poinsettia. I’m maybe a third of the way through the second tie, and once I finish that I’m done with all of the knitting for that sweater. I wonder if I’m purposely going slow on this one because I hate finishing. Hmm.

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Do all knitters spin?

Posted by Andi on June 18, 2007

Over the past weeks and months I have started reading more knitting blogs and listening to knitting podcasts, and one thing I have noticed more and more is that it seems like many of these knitters are also spinners.  They talk about roving and spindles, and use all sorts of terminology with which I am not familiar.

 Do all knitters spin?  Okay, obviously the answer is no.  Perhaps the more appropriate question is: Do most knitters wish to spin as well?  And if so, am I the weird one because I have no desire to spin?  Ever?  I’ve seen pictures of hand-spun yarn, and it’s gorgeous.  I have heard podcasters wax poetic about spinning, and it certainly sounds as if they enjoy it.  But I have had no desire whatsoever to spin myself.  Why? 

First, I just don’t feel that I have the time to take up one more hobby.  I knit.  I want to learn to crochet, but I sort of put those two things together.  I love watching sports and movies and television.  Concerts and cooking, too.  Oh, and I’m working on my dissertation, and especially when the writing phase starts that will keep me plenty busy.  Once I’m done with my dissertation I hope to start reading for pleasure again.  Where would I stick spinning?  Granted, I put knitting and crochet together, so why not add spinning to that block of time?  Because it would take away from the actual knitting and crocheting, that’s why.  And I’m not willing to do that.

 Second, knitting and concerts take up most of my extra money.  Where would I get money for spinning?

 Third, I live in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend.  And it’s stuffed.  We have a storage space, and it’s pretty full too.  I have no available space.

 Fourth, I love buying yarn.  I love spending time in yarn stores and feeling all of the yarn, looking at the colors.  I know that I could still purchase yarn as a spinner, but why take away from something I love doing so much?

 Finally, as I’m learning from my de-stashing time, I don’t like looking at the yarn I have and choosing projects to go with it.  I much prefer to pick a project, and if I don’t have a yarn for it, then go to a yarn store and buy it.  Pick project first, then look for yarn.  I think the reason why I’m having such a hard time motivating myself to work on Poinsettia is because I chose that pattern because I had the yarn already in my possession.  And this is weird, because when I originally got the magazine it appears in I decided that I definitely wanted to make Poinsettia, but I didn’t choose to make it in my own time.  I didn’t choose the colors, my stash did, and while I love the way it’s turning out, I feel as if it was forced upon me.  I have heard that many spinners spin yarn and then choose a project for that yarn as opposed to spinning yarn to fit a specific project.  I don’t think I could handle it.

 A small part of me wishes I had an interest in spinning.  I think it would be great to create my own original yarn to use in the project of my choice.  That would make a knitted garment even more unique.  But I just don’t think it’s for me.  Maybe one day?  I don’t know.

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Glove yarn purchased

Posted by Andi on June 17, 2007

I purchased the yarn for the gloves I’m going to make for Tim today. He was able to come with me and help choose the yarn himself, and he’s really happy with what he chose. We got Dream In Color yarn in Deep Seaflower. It’s a superwash merino, which is perfect. Tim hates hand washing. Now not only does he have yarn for nice new gloves, he won’t have to hand wash them either!

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Posted by Andi on June 15, 2007

As opposed to Poinsettia, I’m actually making some progress on Lys. I cast on last Saturday, and last night I finished the back:

Lys - Back

I apologize for the crappy photo and the lack of another photo of the striping, but I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning and I just wanted to get this posted. I will be spending two nights at my dad and step-mom’s house this weekend, and I’ll be taking Lys with me. It would be great if I could get the left front done, but I’m not counting on it. We’ll see.

I should take Poinsettia with me, but I’m just not feeling it right now. I may as well be productive with something I’m excited about.

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My stash busting rule is going to pot

Posted by Andi on June 12, 2007

Rules were meant to be broken, right?

The more and more I look at Coachella on Knitty the more I realize I must make it. Perhaps if it hadn’t been called Coachella I wouldn’t be so tempted.

For those of you who don’t know, Coachella is a music festival in Indio, California. It’s a weekend-long affair. It’s very hot. Well, in August I’m going to Lollapalooza, which is a weekend-long music festival in Chicago. While Chicago in August probably doesn’t get as hot as Indio in May, it will be very humid. So wouldn’t a top like this be perfect for Lollapalooza?

Knitty comes out yesterday. The Lollapalooza schedule came out today. I’m getting geared up, and it looks like knitting will be part of my Lollapalooza preparations.

Now I have to break my rule about not buying yarn until my stash fits in the armoire because I don’t have any yarn for this. Crap.

You know what? So be it. I am allowing myself to by yarn for Tim’s winter gloves since he needs them. This is a top for a specific event. I will allow myself the correct yarn for these projects. But when it comes to knitting the fingerless gloves a friend has requested, or just looking for that next project (including both pairs of socks I want to make), I’ll go with my stash. I will try, try, try to use the stash as much as possible, but I won’t not make something I think will be useful for me because I don’t have the yarn for it.


Wow, that was a really pathetic attempt to justify my inability to stop buying yarn! But hey, I’ve been good! I haven’t bought yarn in a long time, and I’m proud of what I accomplished as far as that goes.

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The new Knitty is up!

Posted by Andi on June 12, 2007

I haven’t looked at any of the articles yet, just the patterns. Which ones have caught my fancy?

Unmentionables (omg I must make this now!!!)
Chapeau marnier

I’m hoping I have stash yarn to use for Chapeau marnier.

How difficult would it be to make sweetpea as your first pair of socks made with proper sock yarn? I plan to make my first pair of socks after finishing Poinsettia and Lys. It’s a fairly basic pattern in stockinette stitch, made with worsted weight yarn. But as far as making my first pair of socks with actual sock weight yarn, would sweetpea be a good way to go, or am I better off with something simpler first?

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World Wide Knit In Public Day – a recap

Posted by Andi on June 11, 2007

My friend Angela and I went down to Millennium Park for World Wide Knit In Public Day.  I felt as if we may have appeared antisocial, but when we got there, there seemed to be only one patch of shade left.  Since I burn badly we decided to sit there, even though it meant sitting a little bit away from everyone else.  We did get to talk to a few people, though.  I saw lots of socks being knit, and so that was inspiring as I think my next project is going to be a pair of socks.

 We were approached by many strangers asking us why there were so many people knitting in the park.  It was nice to be able to talk to people about knitting.  One older woman who approached us said that she thought the younger generation wasn’t picking up knitting, and she seemed glad to see us there knitting away.

 I brought Lys to the park.  I cast on at home before leaving.  I got a fair bit of the back done in the park, and got even more done when I got home.  The fingers in my left hand started to cramp, so I had to stop.  At my mom’s house yesterday I got a lot more done.  I’m now working on the yoke pattern in the back.  I’m so excited!  I just want to keep knitting it! 

 As for Poinsettia, yeah, that’s still in progress.  I have decided that I will flip back and forth between projects.  I think when I’m finished with the yoke of Lys I will work on finishing the first tie of Poinsettia.  Then when I’m done with the back of Lys I will make the second Poinsettia tie.  And so on and so on until Poinsettia is done. 

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