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Crafting Resolutions

Posted by Andi on January 28, 2017

I have made knitting resolutions for the past few years. I know we are almost a full month into 2017, but I thought it would be good to look back at my resolution for 2016, and look forward to 2017.

My results for 2016 were mixed.

1. Hat Trick: This is from the Puck This! group on Ravelry – make 3 hats in the month of January. I succeeded on this one. I finished all 3 hats.

2. More yards out than yards in: As a reminder, “yards out” doesn’t just mean yards I knit, but also any skeins I destash. Yards only count once an object is finished. Similarly, “yards in” doesn’t mean I paid for the yarn, but it’s any yarn that comes into my stash by gift or repurposing yarn. This was a huge failure this year for two main reasons. The first was the swap I did with my knit group, in which I took several skeins out of my stash, but swapped for skeins with more yardage. Oops. The second reason was that I bought yarn to make an afghan, and I haven’t made it yet. By the end of the year, 9,713.9 yards left my stash, and put 15,888 yards into my stash. That comes to 61.1%, which is awful.

3. 3 sweaters: I tried, but failed at this one. I made a sweater for myself which turned out horribly and I hate it. I finished a baby sweater, and also got more than halfway through the baby sweater I quit. I don’t think a baby sweater was in the spirit of the goal, but whatever.

4. Finally make my knitting amigurumi vegetables: Nope.

5. Use 12 skeins of sock yarn (doesn’t have to be 12 pairs of socks – could be shawls, scarves, hats, etc. Also, clearly I won’t use 100% of the skein, but I want to have a decent sized project from each): I did this! I made 5 pairs of socks, 2 shawls, a baby dress, and a scarf out of 12 skeins of yarn.

6. More hexipuffs. I would like to get through the scraps friends have sent me: I did finish making hexipuffs out of all the scraps my friends gave me. I also sewed about half of the hexipuffs I have into the blanket.

Now – my crafting resolutions for 2017.

1. Complete the hat trick: I do this every year, and because I’m posting this so late, I’ve already accomplished this one!!

2. Use 12 skeins of sock yarn: Yes, I’m doing this one again this year. I have so many skeins of sock yarn in my stash that this needs to be a goal every year. So far I have used one skein.

3. Finally make my amigurumi vegetables: I say this every year. But this year I mean it. Really.

4. Learn to crochet well enough to have one crochet FO: I have always wanted to learn to crochet well. I have crochet books, but do nothing. This year my mom gave me a crochet stitch dictionary for Christmas, and I’m using that as motivation to learn. Also, this is the reason why I have “crafting resolutions” instead of “knitting resolutions.”

5. More yards out than yards in: I definitely won’t be buying yarn for afghans this year. But I really, really want to succeed at this one this year. To that end I’m doing something drastic. I will not buy any stash yarn this year. I can buy yarn to make gifts for people. I am debating whether I can buy yarn to make something for myself if I have a specific project in mind. I think I will only allow myself to do that if I’m going to make said project right away.

6. Finish beekeeper’s quilt: I have a few new fingering weight leftovers I want to turn into hexipuffs. Then I want to sew everything together and see where the blanket is at size-wise. I figure I’m going to have to make a few half-sized hexipuffs for the edges.

7. Make 3 adult garments: I already have a sweater for Tim on the needles, and I have yarn set aside for 3 garments for myself, so I only have to do two of those. I already know what those will be.

So there you go. This time next year I will revisit this and see how I do.


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Last FOs of 2016

Posted by Andi on January 22, 2017

For completeness, her are my last finished objects of 2016. Yes, I know we are three weeks into 2017 already, but I just took a picture of the final FO today.

Marian Girl
Pattern: Marian Girl by Taiga Hilliard Designs
Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love, .13 skein (136.6 yards)
Needles: US 6 and US 7
Date started: December 4, 2016
Date completed: December 12, 2016

My cousin’s significant other had a baby a few months back. As I detailed here, I started making another sweater for the baby well before it was born, hated it, and started over making a new sweater. This is the new sweater.

I loved knitting this. It was easy, but so cute. Here is a view of the back.

Marian Girl

I love how it flares out a bit at the bottom.

This sweater was not finished (or even started for that matter) by the time the baby was born, but it was finished in time for my mom to send it off with the rest of the Christmas presents for that part of the family.

A River Runs Through Mitt
Pattern: A River Runs Through Mitt by Aimee Pelletier
Yarn: Cascade 200 Superwash in 893, .54 skein (118.8 yards)
Needles: US 7
Date started: December 17, 2016
Date completed: December 20, 2016

I made these for a coworker whose hands get cold a lot. She is modeling the mitts in the above photo. Her nail polish was a wreck that day, so she didn’t want to show the tops of her fingers, hence the fists. The yarn I used in this project was left over from a shawl I made my mother a couple of years ago.

Last, but not least…

Alla Moda
Pattern: Alla Moda by Gina Bonomo
Yarn: Purl Soho Line Weight in 1110 Ballet Pink (1 skein, 494 yards) and 2040 Toasted Charcoal (1 skein, 494 yards)
Needles: US 8
Date started: August 22, 2016
Date completed: December 26, 2016

This took a long time to knit because I used it as my travel project for several months. I finally finished it at the end of December because I was so close to being done, and I wanted all of that yardage to count as “yards out” for 2016.

I bought the yarn for this project a few years ago from Purl Soho when I was on a business trip to New York. I loved how the colors looked together, and definitely knew I wanted to use both skeins in a single project. For the longest time I was queuing 2-color shawls, and going back and forth on which one to actually knit. I finally decided on this one because I thought it would be really easy. I didn’t have to carry a pattern around with me. I just continued knitting until I ran out of yarn.

There is one thing that disappointed me about how this turned out. In the picture, one of the colors is clearly gray. But the other is actually a light pink, and in the scarf it looks off-white. Even while knitting it I could tell the pink got lost. You can tell it’s pink if you look closely. Oh well.

That said, I love this scarf so much. It’s so light and smooshy. I almost want to make another one, but I would definitely use the Line Weight if I was going to. It’s stockinette, but after blocking it doesn’t curl as much as it did on the needles. If you need a striking but simple knit to use up some fingering weight yarn, I highly recommend this pattern.

So that’s it. The knitting year of 2016 is over. My next post will discuss whether I succeeded in my 2016 knitting resolutions, and what my 2017 knitting resolutions are.

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Knitting for Standing Rock

Posted by Andi on January 2, 2017

In late November, a Raverly friend posted a link to the Unplanned Peacock Studio website. They were selling skeins of bulky yarn at cost (quite a discount) if those who bought it promised to make a hat or cowl to send to the water protectors at Standing Rock. I thought it was a great idea, so I purchased a skein, which turned out to be a lovely shade of blue and white. The yarn page also had links to some patterns that would work with the yarn, so I picked the hat pattern I liked best and got started knitting.

Big Chunky Comfy Hat
Pattern: Big Chunky Comfy Hat by Erica Kempf Broughton
Yarn: Unplanned Peacock Studio Merino Bulky, .48 skein (57.6 yards)
Needles: US 10.5
Date started: December 6, 2016
Date completed: December 6, 2016

The hat actually looks much nicer than it does in the picture. It looks a little wonky because it’s ribbed and not stretched at all. Trust me, it looks really nice on. Actually, it’s inside out, as are the photos on the Ravelry pattern page. It turns out the hat is reversible, but it’s written the opposite way as in the pictures. When I started knitting it I had the intention of keeping it the correct way – the way it was written. But guess what – I liked it better inside out. So that’s the way I knit it.

I went down a needle size because I tend to be a loose knitter (something I’m working on), and was surprised to find that I only used about half the skein. The hat isn’t huge, but both myself and Tim. We both have smallish heads, but so do a lot of other people so I kept it as is, and decided to knit a second smallish adult hat.

Super Soft Merino Hat
Pattern: Super Soft Merino Hat by Purl Soho
Yarn: Unplanned Peacock Studio Merino Bulky, .46 skein (55.2 yards)
Needles: US 10.5
Date started: December 7, 2016
Date completed: December 8, 2016

This hat also fit both myself and Tim, so I felt comfortable sending it. I packaged both hats and sent them.

I loved working with this yarn. I don’t knit with bulky yarn often, so I got a kick out of finishing two hats so quickly. I also loved how the yarn knit up, so I looked at the other yarns on the Unplanned Peacock Studio website. They have so many pretty colors! There is one I want to make a sweater, but since I’m really trying for real this time to curb my yarn buying and knit from my stash it might be a while before I get to it.

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