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Posted by Andi on November 26, 2014

In at least one previous post I referred to new yarn I bought. I finally got around to taking a picture of it.

Undead Yarns Vampyre

This is Undead Yarns Vampyre base (80% superwash merino and 20% nylon) in the Zombified colorway. It’s too bad I didn’t have this in time for Halloween! I’m debating whether I want to actually make socks with it, or if I would rather make a scarf or cowl or something so that people can see it. We’ll see.

I have several things on the needles right now I just want to get done. I’ve started a pair of legwarmers. I bought a dress last month, and some tights to go with it, but on really cold days I thought it would be nice to buy some legwarmers to go with it. I started one pattern, but they were clearly too big, so I started another pattern last week.

Christmas knitting. Outside of some stocking stuffers I’m only making one gift this year. It’s still going to take a while, but I should finish it well before Christmas.

I feel a little bad that I’m not doing more knitting for others right now. I’m not doing any charity knitting, and as I said, I’m only knitting one Christmas present. I’ve just been motivated to knit a few things I really want to knit, and I’m working towards those. I have so many projects in the pipeline where I already have the pattern and the yarn. I want to get to those. I’m really looking forward to getting to those. I figured if that’s my motivation, and it’s leading me to be productive, I’m just going to go with it.

Oh, and a question for anyone who reads this. What are your favorite machine washable bulky yarns? A coworker’s wife is pregnant, and I already chose a pattern. It calls for bulky yarn. Any suggestions?


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Bears OppAtt

Posted by Andi on November 15, 2014

Bears OppAtt
Pattern: OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Hearthside Fibers Vanilla Sox in the Rivals colorway, .63 skeins
Needles: US 1
Date started: September 28, 2014
Date completed: November 9, 2014

These socks were the result of a football challenge with my friend Mimi, who is a Packers fan. The goal was to start the socks when the Bears played the Packers the first time, and finish them by the time the second Bears-Packers game ended. That game was last Sunday night.

I had actually finished most of the second sock a couple of weeks earlier, and was waiting for the day of the second game to do the toe decreases and kitchener stitch. And my initial plan was to do it while watching the game, but in the end I decided not to. After all, the Blackhawks were going to be playing at the same time as the Bears game (and of course hockey takes priority over football in my life). So I decided to finish the socks in the morning instead.

That was a good call. I was watching the Blackhawks game, and had my Twitter feed open as per usual, when I started seeing very angry and depressed Tweets about the Bears game. At one point I flipped over to the football game during a commercial in the hockey game, saw the score was 35-0 and it was still the first half, and decided I had seen enough. I watched the rest of the hockey game and never turned the football game back on.

Even though the Bears lost both games to the Packers, I did finish my pair of socks first, and therefore I won!!

I learned a new skill working on these socks – cabling without a cable needle. I knew it was possible, but never bothered to learn how to do that. The OppAtt pattern has instructions for it. It doesn’t actually tell you to cable traditionally, it only says how to do it without a cable needle. Perfect! Now I know how to do that! At times I thought this yarn might be splitty, but I think that was a function of cabling without a cable needle. Most of the time when the yarn split it was when I was trying to do that, and I was probably inserting the needle through the yarn. When I was just plain knitting or purling I didn’t seem to have any problems.

These socks didn’t take a lot of yarn — only 255.2 yards. That brings my total knit to 10,078.7 yards. At the time I had finished these socks I had purchased 9,301 yards of yarn, meaning I have knit 108% of the yards I purchased. Since then I received a new skein of yarn so I’m down to 104%, but still ahead! I have at least three projects I want to finish by the end of the year, and as of now I have no plans to buy more yarn. I have the yarn for all three projects. I’m on track!!

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Posted by Andi on November 8, 2014

Pattern: Whirlwind by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in 300007, 9.56 skeins
Needles: US 10.5
Date started: September 21, 2014
Date completed: November 2, 2014

I was inspired to knit this sweater because the Puck This! group on Ravelry is currently doing a cozy cardigan KAL. Many of the women are making Snowbird, but I didn’t have the right yarn for that. I wanted to make something with this yarn since I already had a sweater’s quantity. A member of my knit group gave it to me a while back, and I hadn’t made anything with it yet. So I started looking for cozy cardigan patterns that would work with this yarn, and I stumbled upon Whirlwind. It was a new pattern (I guess it still is technically), so I am excited to be one of the first ones to knit it.

This was a pretty easy knit. It’s mostly stockinette. The cable in the back pulls in a bit, so there is no need for waist shaping. Easy peasy! This would be a great pattern for a first sweater project. The “hardest” part was picking up for the collar/button band (if you use a button). Although the pattern tells you how many stitches to pick up, it’s not as if there is any shaping or anything, so I just picked up the number of stitches that looked best to me. That was the only modification I made.


The pattern has an optional single button hole, which I didn’t use. I had planned on using a button I got at Michigan Fiber Festival in 2013, but ditched that plan for several reasons. First, the button is really pretty and I want it to be the focal point of whatever garment I am wearing. I envisioned a single button cardigan where the button was near the top by the collar. This button was down lower, so I didn’t think the button would get the attention I wanted it to get. Second, it was going to take me a while to figure out how to alter the button hole to fit the button. The button is larger than the pattern calls for, so the button hole in the pattern wasn’t going to be adequate. Third, I remembered I won this great shawl pin (the one in the picture) from Knitter’s Pride, and I thought it would be perfect. So there you go!

I mostly knit accessories, so this has been a banner year for me. This is the fourth garment I knit this year! It will probably be the last. The projects I currently have on the needles are accessories, and everything else I plan to knit in the near future are also either accessories or for use in the home. But still, four garments!! Three for me!!

This sweater used 956 yards of yarn from my stash. Yay! That now brings me to 9,823.5 yards knit in 2014. I have purchased 9.301 yards, so I’ve knit 106% of the total yards purchased. Oh, wait. I just ordered another skein of yarn. I haven’t added it to the total yet because I haven’t received it yet. I still think I will be in the black, so I don’t care!!

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Soufflé Girl Socks

Posted by Andi on November 1, 2014

Soufflé Girl Socks
Pattern: Soufflé Girl Socks (Doctor Who Inspired) by C.C. Almon
Yarn: Pandia’s Jewels Snug in Soufflé Girl, .59 skein
Needles: US 1.5
Date started: October 24, 2014
Date completed: November 1, 2014

Man, I finished these socks quickly! That’s what being sick and unemployed will do for you. These socks are the result of the third and final installment of the Doctor Who Companions Sock Club. There is going to be a second edition of the club, but I didn’t sign up for it. I wanted to, but the timing wasn’t right for me. I would have loved to join it again.

All of the yarns I got in this club were beautiful, but I really liked working with this particular yarn because the colors are so autumn-like. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I love the colors of autumn, but I tend not to knit with those colors during the season very much. I knit these at the appropriate time!

I love, love, love the cable.

Soufflé Girl Socks

I would love to integrate a similar cable into other knit items.

I bought some yarn recently, so I’m back in the red as far as yards in/yards out go. I won’t post about the yarn in much detail because some of it is for a Christmas gift, and the the one skein for myself will be knit very soon so I will just post about it then. Anyway, these socks took 272.6 yards of yarn, bringing my total to 8,867.5 yards knit in 2014. Since I recently purchased 1,100 yards of yarn, that means I’m back to having knit only 95.3% of the yards I have purchased. I’m still knitting, so I will be Back in Black shortly!

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