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WIP: Boo!

Posted by Andi on September 20, 2010

I finished the first Boo! sock yesterday, and did the toe of the second sock at knit group tonight. With over a month left until Halloween I should have no problem finishing this pair of socks in time to wear them to the Halloween parties I’m attending.

The first Boo! sock is complete

Sorry for the crappy photo, but the lighting in here is bad and I figured if I didn’t take the pic tonight I wouldn’t do it at all.


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The only Christmas gift I’m knitting this year

Posted by Andi on September 19, 2010

In years gone by I have knit many if not most of the Christmas presents I gave to loved ones. As much as I love taking my time to lovingly choose a pattern and yarn for the person in question, then take the time and care to knit the gift, Christmas knitting usually just turns me into a giant stressball. Then it’s no longer fun. Knitting is something I do to destress, so when knitting becomes stressful that is problem for me.

This year I’m only knitting one present — a sweater for my boyfriend. It’s been a few years since I knit him a sweater. This will be the third. I figured this time it couldn’t be more stressful than last time. In case you don’t remember, or you didn’t know me way back when, the last time I knit a sweater for my boyfriend was after we started living together. The gift was a surprise, and it was surprisingly easy (though stressful) to keep. At the time we had very different schedules. I worked days and he worked nights. That gave me most evenings, plus knitting group time, to work on the sweater. One time he almost caught me, though. Work was slow and he came home early, and he didn’t call to say he was coming home. I was sitting at my computer desk working on the sweater when he came home. I threw the sweater under the desk, and told him to leave the room so I could pack it up and hide it in my closet. Amazingly he didn’t know what I was doing, and soon forgot about it. It was very surprised when I gave him the sweater when Christmas rolled around.

This year he knows I’m making him a sweater. He chose the pattern and yarn. That should reduce the stress since I can work on the sweater in front of him. He chose Iain by Jennifer Hagan. It’s really beautiful, and I was thrilled when he chose this pattern. I think it will be a fun, challenging pattern. We jointly decided to use Cascade Ecological Wool, the yarn suggested in the pattern. Tim liked the beige color better than the color in the pattern. We ordered it from a new LYS, and I picked it up this week.

Cascade Ecological Wool

It’s so pretty! It’s going to show the cables so well. It’s a natural-like color, sort of off-white. But it has a few black bits in it which I think make it more interesting:

Cascade Ecological Wool

But now I’m wondering when this is going to get done. I have four other gifts I have to finish before I can start on this. I’m traveling a bit this month and for a big chunk of November. I’m really hoping that the fact that I’m knitting a small and that the yarn is bulky that it knits up quickly. Even though it’s not a secret, I still want it to be done before Christmas.

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Woo hoo fall!!!

Posted by Andi on September 17, 2010

Yesterday I saw my first pretty leaf of autumn.

Autumn is here

The temperature dropped sometime during the day, so it was cool when I left work. On my way home I stopped at an LYS to pick up the yarn I ordered for the sweater I’m going to make for Tim for Christmas. I left the store with a shopping bag of beautiful bulky yarn, looking at it in the cool temperature and pining for a pumpkin spice latte.

That is my kind of day.

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Resolution 2011

Posted by Andi on September 11, 2010

I’m still chugging away on my knitting resolution for 2010: To knit 27 finished object. So far I have finished 16 projects. I have two projects on the needles, that’s 18. I have three more projects that I’m making as part of a gift, that’s 21. Tim’s getting a sweater for Christmas, that’s 22. I will start another pair of socks for when I travel, that’s 23. And then I’ll probably make four dishcloths.

It’s only September, but I have already decided what my knitting resolution for 2011 will be. As part of an ongoing attempt to revamp my wardrobe, in 2011 I want to make more garments for myself. Things I will feel comfortable wearing to work. Pullovers and cardigans that are professional, and are more interesting than many of the garments I see in stores. Maybe some tops that can be worn under suits. I think that will be more fun than going shopping.

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Posted by Andi on September 5, 2010

Deciding on new socks projects lately has become a bit of a chore. There are so many pattern choices and so many yarns, how do I choose? Do I choose the yarn I want to use, then find a suitable pattern? Do I find a pattern then find a suitable yarn? After making a few toe-up socks in a row, do I purposely choose a cuff-down pattern? Decisions, decisions.

After going through my Ravelry queue I found a pattern that would be perfect. I chose Boo! Toe-Up Socks by Emily B. Miller because they are seasonally appropriate. I should be able to finish them before Halloween. I wanted to use a solid (or nearly solid) yarn for this project so that the ghosts would be visible. I don’t have a ton of solid sock yarn, so that narrowed the field considerably. I chose to use the Wollmeise We’re Different Jeton Twin because it’s an autumn color, therefore it is appropriate for these autumn socks.

So here they are so far. I have finished the foot and heel of the first sock, and did the first round of the leg. So far I love them. They are so cute!

Boo! in progress

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FO: Leyburn Socks

Posted by Andi on September 4, 2010

Leyburn Sock

Pattern: Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in Hurdy Gurdy, 1 skein
Needles: US 1 circular
Date started: 6/13/10
Date completed: 8/29/10

The picture on the pattern shows this sock with solid colored yarn, but I like it so much more with variegated yarn. I think it shows off the floats so much more.

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