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Scarves: My new favorite accessory

Posted by Andi on April 28, 2008

I don’t know what it is with me and scarves lately. I’ve started wearing scarves as part of my outfit, not just to keep warm while outside. It’s not something I do frequently, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do more often. Recently I seem to notice scarves and wraps more. When I see a scarf or wrap I think about what I can wear with it. Odder still, especially for me, is that I see myself liking a scarf, then thinking of what I can get to wear with it, as if the scarf is the main part of the outfit and the clothes are the accessories.

I think this is why I was attracted to the Phiaro scarf (which I finally wore on Friday for the first time), and I think that’s why I squeed when I saw the preview for the Summer 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. Behold the Gossamer Stars Scarf. Oh yes. I think it is beautiful, and I want to make it. Now. Except I have no yarn for it, I’m on a yarn diet, and even if I weren’t I couldn’t afford the yarn the pattern calls for (and yes, that’s the yarn I’m set on using). I put the yarn on my birthday wish list, but realistically, I don’t believe I will get it. Oh well. I can make the scarf any time. I can wait for it.


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Halfway there!

Posted by Andi on April 27, 2008

Twisted Tulip Sock

I finished the first Twisted Tulip Sock last night. I stayed up late just to get it done! As I was getting towards the toe I started to fear that the sock would be too big, so I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible. That way, if it was too big and I had to frog it, I would still have enough time to make the pair before Mother’s Day. I didn’t have to worry, however, because the sock fit fine. I’m thinking the second sock will go a bit more quickly now that I am used to the stitch pattern, so I’m no longer worried about getting them done in time.

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Obit: Montego Bay Scarf

Posted by Andi on April 26, 2008

Detail and fringe

I loved this scarf when I was finally finished with it, yet I didn’t wear it much because soon it became to cold.

I took it out yesterday to wear it, and there in front of me was a horrible site. It was unraveling.

Apparently the combination of the slippery microfiber yarn and the open work pattern meant that the ends I wove in came out. Stitches were hanging all over the place. There’s really no way to salvage it.

Right now I have to decide whether I want to frog it and use the yarn again or if I should just toss the thing. Knitting with this yarn wasn’t the best experience, and I fear if I were to make something else the same thing would happen. But I love how it looks. Although, if I make something that’s not as open, more normal knitting, would it be less likely to unravel? I don’t know. I think for now it’s just going to be stuffed in a corner.

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Playoff knitting – second round

Posted by Andi on April 23, 2008

The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starts tomorrow night.  Given that I finished my first round goal so early I am a little bit ahead of the game at this point.

My goal for the second round is to finish the Twisted Tulip Socks.  This is a very ambitious goal given how detailed the stitch pattern is on these socks.  This goal is necessary, however, because Mother’s day is just a few days after the end of the second round.  I need to get these socks finished.  Soon.

I am now on the gusset of the first sock, and I must say it is going much more quickly than the leg was.  Only having to do one pattern repeat per round instead of two is really speeding things up.

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WIP: Twisted tulip sock

Posted by Andi on April 19, 2008

Twisted Tulip Sock

I finally finished the leg on the first Twisted Tulip sock. So far I like how it is turning out. The biggest problem I’m having with this pattern is that it requires a lot of attention, just as I thought it would. That in and of itself isn’t bad. I’m really enjoying the challenge I’m facing with this pattern. It’s not a difficult pattern per se, it just requires a lot of close attention. The problem is that, because of the attention required, I’m not picking it up as often as I should. This pair of socks is to be a present for Mother’s Day, which is now only a few weeks away, and I’m only 25% done with these socks. Actually, that might be a lie. I think the foot will be easier because the pattern only appears on the instep, not on the sole, so it should be quicker to knit each round than it is to knit a round of the leg. I am unable to work on these socks when I’m watching something on television that requires me to pay attention, or when I’m trying to have a conversation. I am going to need to find the time to work on these socks more consistently if I’m going to have them done in time.

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FO: Skull cap

Posted by Andi on April 12, 2008

Skull cap

Pattern: Skull Cap Pattern by Nora Rezzetano
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 1 ball 460, small amount of 593
Needles: US 5 16" circular and DPNs

Well, that was quick. 3 days. Yay for quick projects!

I’m not thrilled that you can see the purple behind the white, but it’s not horrid. I should have figured that when the hat stretched that would happen. Oh well. I’m happy with it, and I’m sure it will suit it’s intended purpose: To prevent sunburn on my scalp at Lollapalooza.

The Rowan Calmer was a dream to work with. I’m glad I have a ton of the purple left over because I can’t wait to use it on another project. It was so soft and nice, and the hat has a really nice hand.

This means I met my first round Stanley Cup Knitting goal at the point where only 2 games have been played in most series. I will have to come up with a more challenging goal for the second round.

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New WIP: Skull cap

Posted by Andi on April 11, 2008

Skull cap in progress

I’ve finished the skull chart, and I have a ton of the purple yarn left.

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Playoff knitting – first round

Posted by Andi on April 10, 2008

Since I will be sitting around watching a lot of hockey until early June I will have plenty of knitting time.  I’ve decided to have goals for each round of the playoffs based on the number of televised games, and how many hours I can sit there and watch hockey.

My goal for the first round is to make the skull cap I’m planning on wearing to Lollapalooza to avoid a sunburn on my scalp.  I bought some nice cotton yarn, and I’m going to make a white hat with purple skulls.  Lollapalooza isn’t until August, but I want to make sure I have enough yarn for the project so that I can go back and get more quickly in case I don’t.  Then hopefully there won’t be a dye lot issue.  I should be okay though.  I need to pick up a new circular needle tonight in order to get started.

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FO: Phiaro Scarf

Posted by Andi on April 9, 2008

Phiaro Scarf

Pattern: Phiaro Scarf by Katie Himmelberg from the Winter 2007/Spring 2008 issue of Knitscene
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Oasis in Bistro, 3 balls
Needles: US 7 16″ circular

Phiaro Scarf

I really like how this turned out. I wish it were a little warmer out so I could wear it now.

The only problem I had with this pattern was that I used the wrong cast on. I had to cast on so many stitches that I thought the knitted cast on would be easiest. It didn’t occur to me, however, that the knitting cast on wouldn’t unravel when I dropped the stitches. I kept having to cut the bottom and weave those ends in, which meant weaving in double the number of ends. That was annoying. And the braiding took a really long time. But I’m extremely happy with the finished product, and given how mindless this was to knit I could see myself making more.

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The never-ending question

Posted by Andi on April 4, 2008

How many and what kind of projects should I have on the needles at a time?  This usually comes up when I have to travel or go to knitting group.  Today, I’m asking this question because of the latter.

I could take the Twisted Tulip Socks, but those require a lot of cognitive resources.  I’ve found that I’m unable to work on them while paying attention to the television.  I can watch sports, because if anything good happens there will be an instant replay, but watching John Adams was impossible.

I could take Lys.  It’s been sitting around long enough, and I would love to finally get that finished.  I’m at the point on one of the sleeves where the rapid color and stitch changes are coming up.  They aren’t hard to work on, but it means taking lots of balls of yarn out of the house, and while it’s possible, it seems more trouble than it’s worth for a few hours of knitting at Starbucks.

The double knit piano scarf.  I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks, and I’m now at the point of admitting defeat: I will not be able to wear it until next winter.  There is just way too much left to do.  I could take this to knitting group, as it isn’t the pain in the butt that some of the other projects would be, but it gets kind of awkward to double knit at a table.  Holding two balls of yarn in my lap gets annoying after a while.  That project is much better suited to sitting on my couch where I have lots of room.  Recently I’ve been taking it to knitting group and, if I get there early, working on it before it gets crowded.  After that it’s a little difficult.

Poinsettia only needs to be stitched up, and that’s not really a project for Starbucks either.

That leaves the Phiaro scarf, which has become my default project while watching television when I want to pay attention.  All that is left is braiding all of the fringe.  I’ve been braiding for a week and half, and I’m only half done.  Of course, I haven’t worked on it every day.  I’m maybe halfway done with the first side.  I could take it to knitting group and braid the whole time.  Do I want to braid the whole time?  I don’t know.

The last option is starting a new knitting-group-friendly project.  What would that be?  I could start the Noro scarf or the Chevron scarf, but I already working on 2 scarves.  I don’t want to start another sweater because I have 2 unfinished ones the way it is.  Perhaps I should spend the afternoon drinking coffee and braiding.

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