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2018 Goals

Posted by Andi on February 9, 2018

Yes, I did make crafting goals for this year, just like every other year. And I made them before January 1. But I’m just getting around to posting them here today. I’m not sure “goals” is the word I want to use, but I’m not coming up with another one. These are goals I want to accomplish, but I’m not going to stress over it to get them done. I’m not going to knit until my hands hurt to reach a goal. I’m not going to sit for hours and not get up for a goal. I’m not going to let these goals cause me any stress.

My theme for 2018 is balance. I sometimes let stress consume me, and knitting is supposed to be a stress reliever for me, not cause stress. I have a plan for how to accomplish these goals, but if it goes off track, it goes off track.

Here we go!

1. 9 pairs of socks
I joined The Knitting Expat’s The Cosy Sock Collection 2018 Sock Club. It has 7 patterns (6 plus a bonus pattern that came out before Christmas). I have started this goal already. I would like to use all the patterns this year. I finished the bonus pattern, and will be casting on the first of the Cosy Collection today. The patterns come out every other month. The first one came out last week, then April, June, August, October, and December. The plan is to start each new pair shortly after the pattern is released, and once that pair of socks is done, I will use the remaining time until the next pattern comes out to work on the other goals.

So that’s 7 patterns. The other two will technically be vanilla socks, but not plain! A couple of years ago Tim and I each picked out a skein of Regia’s Arne and Carlos yarn to make festive socks meant to be Christmas socks. I still haven’t knit those, and would like to do that this year.

2. Finish the brioche scarf I’m currently making.

I wrote that in late December. I already finished this scarf. Details to come.

3. Make a brioche cowl.

See #2.

4. Make a matching hat and cowl set. The hat will be Barley, and the cowl will be Oats, both patterns by tincanknits.

See #2 and #3.

5. Make my amigurumi vegetables.

I know, I know, I say this every year. But it’s time. And really, as you can see, I’m flying through these goals, so this should be possible this year. The vegetables will be the perfect project for summer knitting, and that’s what I plan to do.

6. Finish the Viajante I’ve been working on for months.

This won’t be a problem. I’ve actually made fantastic progress on it the past week or two. I’m setting it aside today to concentrate on my Ravellenic Games projects (more to come in another post).

7. Do something with the two sweaters I made and don’t work for me.

One definitely needs to be frogged, and that will be one of my Ravellenic Games projects. I plan to sit in front of the TV, watching the Olympics, and unraveling this sweater and winding the yarn. I’ve picked two possible patterns to make with the reclaimed yarn. The real goal is to actually knit a sweater with it so the yarn doesn’t all end up back in my stash for the year, but that’s secondary. Frogging the sweater will be a big step.

The second sweater was the green raglan I finished a couple of months ago where the top was too big. I was going to frog it, but I may check my gauge and see if I can make an adjustment to just reknit the top. We’ll see. I don’t want that sweater to languish the way the one described above did.

8. Finish my beekeeper’s quilt.

I say this every year too. We’ll see. I did make a few hexipuffs at the end of 2017. I don’t need to make a ton more. Maybe if I just make a few hexipuffs after I finish each project I will get it done.

9. Take in less yarn than I take out of my stash.

This is always a goal, and I was successful last year. This year I’m doing something a bit different. Not only am I tracking the yards that come into and leave my stash, but I’m also tracking grams. I’m curious about which measurement will look better. As of now, it’s grams. But we’ll see!

10. Finally learn to crochet.

I had the same goal last year, with the addition that I would have a finished object. I don’t know if I will go that far. I’m thinking of starting with dish cloths. I can use cotton yarn to crochet large swatches, and use those swatches for dish cloths. We need more dish cloths anyway. I guess dish cloths could be considered finished objects, but when I said “finished object” last year I was thinking more along the lines of a scarf or shawl.

So there we go. How much of this will I complete? I don’t know. But so far I’m getting them done.


2 Responses to “2018 Goals”

  1. Goals? Always the debate as to whether or not they should be achievable vs a stretch. Nine pairs of socks is more than reasonable. Do …not… ever sign up for 52 prs in a year… Trust me. and if you run out of sock yarn – please let me know, I am sure I can send a half dozen balls your way

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