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Hexipuffing, Month 15

Posted by Andi on November 22, 2012

Hexipuffing, Month 15


I decided that I’m going to photograph the hexipuffs on this table every month so I can have a more concrete sense of how much space they take up. How much more full is the table month to month?

I would like to ramp up the hexipuff production, but I don’t foresee that happening any time soon. Although I’m not making any grand Christmas presents this year, but I’m making a few small things (which you will not see until after they are given, sorry!). I still have to finish my mittens. And that cardigan I haven’t touched in months. And Rockefeller. So we’ll see.

Hexipuffs are the perfect project for watching sports. Maybe if the NHL comes back this season my hexipuff production would increase. Here’s hoping!


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My newest inspiration

Posted by Andi on November 18, 2012

As the weather turned colder I realized I needed new shoes for work. All of the work shoes I had that were in good condition had a fairly open foot — think typical ballet flats or pumps. I wanted something that covered my whole foot. A couple of weeks ago a local boutique had a sale on all of its footwear, and I purchased these shoes in black. Since I’m going to wear them in winter, I made sure I could wear them with socks so my feet would be extra warm.

And it worked! The first few times I wore them I had on hand knit socks, and it worked out great. I was thinking that it would be great to make some classy socks — ones that, if I wear them to work and they peek out a little bit, would still look professional and appropriate. Although I have a few pairs like that already, some of the socks I have are too brightly colored and variegated to look right.

After I finished the Poppy Socks I started looking carefully at the sock patterns I own and the yarn I have to come up with combinations that would work for work. I chose the Serendipity Socks by Ellie Putz. If I choose the right yarn, they would work really well. Guess what yarn I chose.

Fleur de Fiber Arden

Why do subtle when the socks could be fuchsia? Yep, I failed already. The first sock is almost finished and I love it. That’s what counts, right? So maybe I won’t be wearing these to work, but I love them. Next time I’ll make something a little more appropriate.

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FO: Tilted Shadows Cowl

Posted by Andi on November 10, 2012

Tilted Shadows
Pattern: Eco Highland Duo Tilted Shadows W455 by Vera Sanon
Yarn: Queensland Collection Super Aussie in Sky (2.16 skeins) and Dark Brown (2.24 skeins)
Needles: US 9
Date started: October 31, 2012
Date completed: November 4, 2012

Once I ditched my attempt at the double knit scarf from hell I needed to make something for my neck in the same brown and light blue yarn I used for a hat and for the mittens that I have yet to finish. I decided to go with a long cowl, one that can hang low when it’s not too cold out.

Tilted Shadows

That way I could still wear it without the coat if need be. I think it would still look okay with just a regular shirt on. The cowl is also large enough to put over my shoulders, or over my head if need be. And, when it’s really cold and I’m wearing it with my coat, I can put it around my neck twice and it will keep my neck really warm.

Tilted Shadows

Now if I could just finish those mittens.

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FO: Poppy Socks

Posted by Andi on November 9, 2012

Poppy Socks
Pattern: Poppy Socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Halftone Artisan Handpainted Yarns One-Pair, 317 yds
Needles: US 1
Date started: September 9, 2012
Date completed: November 5, 2012

Do you like my Hello Kitty slippers in the background there?

I think this socks are okay. Just okay. I love the yarn, but I have issues with the pattern. First and foremost, I hate the heel construction. Maybe I did it wrong? I don’t know. I’ve never seen a short row heel done quite like this. It had some increase and decreases on the ankle, and it just goes too far back for me.

Poppy Socks

The second thing I didn’t like about the pattern is how unstretchy it is because there are decreases on every round. Luckily there were plenty of warnings about it on Ravelry, so I decided to keep the pattern on the front of the leg, and do the back of the leg in stockinette stitch.

Poppy Socks

I have no problem getting them on and off because the stockinette stitch has enough give to get my foot into it no problem. I also like the fact that there is a place on the sock, other than the sole, where you cans see what the yarn looks like without a stitch pattern. I like the contrast, and may consider doing it more often.

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Election Night Knitting

Posted by Andi on November 7, 2012

I completed two projects this week, so when I got home last night I had a hard time figuring out what to knit while watching election coverage. I didn’t want to start anything new (even though I have to start a new pair of socks before Sunday) because that would take too much brain power. I almost picked up Rockefeller. But then it hit me.


These are the first four hexipuffs I made in, what, about two months?

Election night hexipuffs

Here they are in the order I made them, from left to right. The yarn from the first one was left over from a project one of the members of my knit group made. The second came from a mini skein that another knit group member gave me. I’m going to skip the third for a minute. The fourth is from the leftover yarn from my Wingspan shawl.

The third one, the pink one. That yarn was left over from the first pair of socks my mom ever made, which she finished a couple of weeks ago. Last year I bought my mom a book about making socks and a pair of sock yarn for Mother’s Day. I’m very proud of my mom for making her first pair of socks. They turned out very nice!

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Afghan Whigs & Wussy, 10/27/12

Posted by Andi on November 3, 2012

Last Saturday Tim and I met up with a friend, had dinner, and then went to Metro for the Afghan Whigs concert. We saw them at Lollapalooza this year and thought they were amazing, so we wanted to see a full set.

A band called Wussy opened. They were quite good. Rock with a bit of a twang. I would definitely check them out if they were back in town.





And then, the Afghan Whigs, who were incredible.

Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs

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As finished as Gerda’s Scarf is going to get

Posted by Andi on November 2, 2012

I’ve been working on a hat, scarf, and mittens set to go with my winter coat last year. As you can recall, I only finished the hat and one mitten for last season. My goal was to finish the second mitten and the scarf in time for this winter.

The scarf has been the bane of my existence. It’s double knit, and it’s pretty, and aesthetically goes with the mitten pattern, which was the inspiration for the whole thing. But it’s double knit. And while double knitting in and of itself isn’t hard, double knitting such an intricate pattern is a pain.

I worked on the scarf for the first time in a long time at knit group this week. I finished the third pattern repeat (of 11). Here’s how it looks.

Gerda's Scarf

And this is the way it’s going to stay. Before I frog it.

When I got home from knit group I thought long and hard about this scarf. It’s gorgeous. I love it. It’s so pretty, would go so well with my coat, and would go so well with the mittens. It’s beautiful. And I’ve proven to myself that I can do it. But none of those things can overcome the fact that I absolutely hate knitting this scarf.

There have been other projects where I have really disliked the process. The saving grace for those projects was either that it was a gift so I had to finish it, or I really wanted the finished object badly enough to get through it.

Monday night it finally hit me: My love of this scarf is dwarfed by my hatred of knitting it. The finished object is not worth the trouble. So I will frog this scarf. Eventually. When I’m ready or when I need the yarn, whichever comes first.

I spent a couple of days considering what to do to keep my neck warm. I looked at various cowls and infinity scarves. There are a lot of pretty patterns out there. In the end I decided to go with something plain, since the mittens have a unique pattern and I didn’t want them to clash.

So yesterday I cast on the Tilted Shadows cowl. Instead of using four colors, I will use two, light blue and brown.

My new goal — to finish this cowl at some point tomorrow during our Star Wars marathon.

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