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Antlers Scarf

Posted by Andi on December 18, 2016

Antlers Scarf
Pattern: Antlers Scarf by Micah P. Dammeyer
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in 180 Cranberry, 2.98 skeins (506 yards)
Needles: US 7
Date started: October 2, 2016
Date completed: December 4, 2016

This was one of the projects that helped me get my knitting mojo back. Tim wanted a new scarf this winter, and I wanted to finish it before too much of winter went by. Luckily it was only cold one or two days by the time I finished it, so he will have it most of the winter.

Tim decided he wanted a red scarf, and he wanted machine washable yarn. My mom had a coupon for JoAnn Fabrics back in the summer, so I bought four skeins of Vanna’s Choice for him. Unfortunately they didn’t have four skeins in any one dye lot, so I bought 2 skeins from each of two different dye lots.

I wasn’t sure how long I was going to make the scarf. I used two of the skeins from one dye lot first, and then Tim tried it on. He wanted to be able to wrap it around his neck twice, and he could do that but then it didn’t really hang down at all. I used three skeins total, and I don’t think it’s obvious that one skein came from another dye lot. I’m going to use the fourth skein to knit Tim a hat in January.

Tim loves cables, so I wasn’t surprised he chose this pattern. It was actually pretty easy to memorize.

Antlers Scarf

It’s a good thing it was easy to remember and knit, because someone else asked me for one. I might be making another, which is fine because it was a fun knit.


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Where my knitting mojo went, and how I got it back

Posted by Andi on December 4, 2016

Despite the lack of content on this blog, I have been knitting. A bit. But I haven’t been very enthusiastic about it, at least not until last week.

I’ve always been a pretty productive knitter. I finish a lot of projects. And I’ve finished some projects even – mostly back in the summer. I’m not going to post about them all here, but they are all on the finished objects page.

But lately I’ve been a slower knitter. Less enthused. I didn’t knit every time I watched TV. I have one long-term project on the needles – a scarf made out of two skeins of fingering weight yarn. It’s simple, so I want to use it as a travel project and when I watch movies with subtitles. It’s not done yet, but I’m hoping it will be finished by the end of the year. But more on that later.

I couldn’t understand where my enthusiasm went. That had never happened to me before. I have loved knitting since I started knitting. Over Thanksgiving I figured out what the problem was. I have been working on a sweater for my cousin’s new baby, and I hated it. I mean, it was cute and all, but I really hated knitting it. Because it was a gift, I felt that if I was knitting I was supposed to be knitting that, and since I hated it, I wasn’t knitting much at all.

Finally, Thanksgiving weekend, I gave it up. I was working on the second sleeve, and discovered that I had missed two sets of increases somewhere. I put it down, and figured I would rip out the sleeve and start over. A few minutes later, I decided I wasn’t going to rip it out. I’m done with this sweater.

As soon as I decided I was done with this sweater, my knitting mojo came back. I started searching for new sweater patterns. I’ve been planning new projects. I signed up for Winter Camp, which inspired me so much earlier this year.

I’m back.

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