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Marching Back

Posted by Andi on April 30, 2017

I’m way behind on posting my FOs, so I’m going back to show three of my four FOs in March (now that April is almost over).

Pattern: Shizuku by Angela Tong
Yarn: Noro Kureyon in 219, 2.08 skeins (228.8 yards)
Needles: US 8
Date started: March 9, 2017
Date completed: March 15, 2017

This was a specific project to earn Winter Camp points. In March, you could receive bonus points for making something for your neck, and green was one of the of bonus colors. I almost made a fingering weight shawl, but then I remembered I had this Noro Kureyon in my stash, which had green in it. Plus, I already owned the pattern (it was in one of the knitting pattern calendars my mother gave to me), and had been planning to use that yarn with it, and it’s a scarf. Perfect!

This was a very quick knit. I did go a bit beyond the pattern. The pattern says when to stop increasing and start decreasing, but I kept increasing until I used a full skein of yarn, then started decreasing. Yes, I was playing yarn chicken, but I had some leftover yarn from a hat I made with another skein of this Noro, so I knew I had backup yarn if needed. It was needed. I think the skein I cast on with had a bit more yarn than the skein I stared decreasing with. Oh well. I love how it turned out.

Rose City Rollers
Pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in Millends, .81 skein (173.5 yards)
Needles: US 1
Date started: February 26, 2017
Date completed: March 18, 2017

This yarn has been in my stash for years and years. I bought it off a member of my old knitting group in the city. She bought it from the Lorna’s Laces sale they have once in a while. It’s a small skein. Until the past few years, Lorna’s Laces sold this yarn in smaller skeins so that you needed to skeins to make a regular pair of socks (now each skein has more yardage, so you can get a full pair of socks out of one skein). I only had one skein, so I couldn’t make a regular pair of socks, but I figured I could make a pair of anklets. I’ve been wanting to try this pattern, too, so I figured it was a perfect match.

I love these socks. They are so comfortable, and the roll just barely peeks out of my shoes. They are perfect. I can’t want to make more.

Made for a friend who is attending the March for Science #knitting #craftivism
Pattern: GENEie Pussyhat by ChemKnits
Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in Hot Pink, .46 skein (115 yards)
Needles: US 6
Date started: March 31, 2017
Date completed: March 31, 2017

In another act of craftism, I made this hat for a friend who was going to attend the March for Science in Chicago. I loved that it combined the Pussy Hat shape with the DNA helix cable. I was even able to use leftover yarn from the first Pussy Hat I made for a friend who went to the Women’s March in DC. I am glad I was able to use almost the whole skein.

There is one more project I made in March – a sweater. But that deserves its own post.


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YarnCon 2017

Posted by Andi on April 16, 2017

I’m way behind on posting finished objects, but if I didn’t post about YarnCon soon I was never going to get to it.

With that, YarnCon was two weeks ago, Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2. I went Saturday morning with a member of my knit group and one of her friends, and met up with other members of my knit group there. It was a lovely day with friends and yarn and lunch.

I really wanted to limit my purchases this year for a few reasons. First, I’ve failed at the yards in/yards out thing the past couple of years. I really want to decrease the amount of space my stash takes up. Second, now that I have a car payment I’m trying to spend less money on random things. At first I was going to limit myself to only buying yarn for my playoff pool prize – no other yarn – and that if I bought anything for myself it couldn’t be yarn. I ultimately changed that to allow myself one skein of yarn for myself.

When I first walked in I saw several skeins of yarn I thought was beautiful, and thought I was screwed. How could I choose? But after I calmed down a bit, every time I looked at yarn I said to myself, “If I can only buy one skein of yarn, do I really want it to be this one?” And when I used that strategy, all of a sudden I didn’t feel the need to buy all the pretty yarns.

The first yarn I purchased was for the playoff pool that is happening in the Puck This! group on Ravelry. It’s Backyard Fibers 100% Merino Sock in the Aegean colorway.

Backyard Fibers Merino Sock in Aegean

I thought it was so pretty, and kind of wanted it for myself, but I’m definitely giving it away (thus it doesn’t count toward my yards in!!). The magnet in the picture is from the Frozen Four, which is the semifinals and finals of the NCAA Division 1 men’s hockey tournament. It was held in Chicago this year, and since it’s hockey, I figured it would be a relevant addition to my playoff pool prize offering.

I bought only three things for myself – a shawl pin, buttons, and yarn.

YarnCon 2017 purchases

The yarn was the last item I purchased because I wanted to see all of the yarn offerings before making my decision, even though it was one of the first skeins I saw. It’s Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper in the Neon Pencil colorway. I’ve been coveting this color for a while now, and I really like their yarns, so in the end I went with that. Right now I plan to make socks for myself with it.

The actual first purchase I made was the shawl pin. It’s by Michelle’s Assortment, and made of copper. They were all beautiful, but I went with this one because I really liked the bead.

YarnCon 2017 purchases

Finally, I bought some wood buttons. I don’t remember the name of the vendor, but they were selling several types of buttons. These were 10 cents each, so I bought 10 of them.

YarnCon 2017 purchases

I meant to buy 10 different buttons, but when I got home I realized I had two of the same one. Oh well. It’s not really a problem because I was hoping to use these buttons for the Low Tide Cardigan I plan to knit, and I won’t need all 10 buttons for it. I can always use the duplicate on something else.

And that’s it! I’m pretty happy with what I got, and really happy that I got out of there having spent less than $50 for myself.

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Vesta Socks

Posted by Andi on April 2, 2017

New socks! #knitting #tckwintercamp2017
Pattern: Vesta Socks by Rebecca Mercier
Yarn: Fleur de Fiber Argentum in Oh, Pumpkin, .75 skein (315 yards)
Needles: US 1
Date started: January 28, 2017
Date completed: February 25, 2017

This was my only completed project in February, but it got me a lot of points for Winter Camp. I got bonus points for making something for my hands or feet, something orange, and a pair. I also succeeded in using both stash yarn and a stash pattern.

The fun thing about this pattern is that the pattern on the back of the leg is different from the pattern on the front. Unfortunately the only picture I have of the back of the leg is a bit blurry.

There is a little cabling and a bit of lace.

One of my goals for the year was to use 12 skeins of sock yarn, and as of February I was on pace. This was the second skein I used.

Now, one pair of socks doesn’t seem like a very productive month for me. However, I spent much of the month knitting a sweater that I didn’t finish until March (I will post about that at some point in the future). If I didn’t spend much time on that sweater, I never would have finished it during Winter Camp, so I had to settle on just finishing one pair of socks.

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