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Checkered Baby Blanket

Posted by Andi on February 21, 2015

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been knitting. Of the three projects I’ve been working on since I last posted, two are gifts. One of the gifts if finished, and one is nearly done. The third is something I’m making for myself, but it’s nowhere near done. Anyway, I wasn’t going to post anything about the gifts until after I give them to their recipients so that it’s still a surprise when they get it. However, in thinking about it, I realized that one of them doesn’t know I have a knitting blog, so I can post about that one.

Checkered Baby Blanket
Pattern: Baby Alpaca Baby Blanket by Lorraine Matsuo
Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White, .4 skein (408 yards)
Needles: US 8
Date started: December 27, 2014
Date completed: January 25, 2015

My coworker and his wife are expecting their second daughter in April, and this blanket is for her.

I made some modifications to this pattern. The pattern called for bulky yarn, but when I went shopping for yarn for this project I didn’t see any bulky yarn I wanted to use. I was too lazy to even try to figure out on the spot how many yards I would need if I bought worsted weight yarn, so I bought a skein of Pound of Love figuring that would be more than enough. Have you ever seen a skein of Pound of Love? It has to be the largest single skein of yarn I have ever seen. It’s comically big. But it’s lovely because I was able to knit the whole blanket from only 40% of the skein. The only ends I had to worry about weaving in were the cast on and bind off ends.

I went down to a size 8 needle because that was the size needle recommended on the ball band for the yarn. In order to get a decent size blanket I had to cast on more stitches to add an extra square (the original pattern had three squares across). I also had to do more pattern repeats to make the blanket long enough. I made the border per the pattern instructions.

So that was the first gift. I’m almost done with the second gift – I finished the actual knitting so only some seaming is left. I’m going to wait to post that one even though I don’t think the recipient reads this blog because she is a Ravelry friend and thus could find it easily enough.

After receiving some sock yarn scraps I was really in the red, having knit only 47.4% of the total yards I had acquired so far this year. After knitting this blanket I had really shrunk that hole, and was up to 87.9%. I have knit some and bought some since then, so this number is no longer accurate.


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