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Regular Season Sock Knitting Showdown, or Go Bears!

Posted by Andi on September 28, 2014

Ready for the Frenemy Football Knit-a-long. Obviously my yarn is on the right. #GoBears

It is finally here.

As you may recall, my friend and I bought skeins of yarn in the colors of our favorite football teams. I bought the beautiful skein on the right to support my Bears. She bought that skein on the left to support the enemy Packers.

We created some rules for our football KAL.

1. Cast on at the beginning of the first Bears/Packers game of the season (which starts in about 10 minutes)

2. We will knit the same pattern. We chose OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel. “OppAtt” is short for “opposites attract.” Bears fans and Packers fans are kind of opposites, right?

3. The socks need to be finished by the end of the second Bears/Packers game of the season, which is on November 9. That gives us just over a month.

So there you go. Updates forthcoming.


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Time to Finish

Posted by Andi on September 20, 2014

Yes, I’ve been knitting, and I’ve actually been productive. But I have several things that are almost finished, but not quite there.

I finished knitting my Vertex Cardigan four days ago, and haven’t washed and blocked it yet. I think I will wash it this afternoon or tomorrow. I tried it on in its unblocked state, and I’m not sure what I think of it. I will have to block it to see what I think. I was going to take a photo of the unblocked sweater, and then thought, why? It will look so much better after I block it, so you will have to wait to see it.

While I was working on that cardigan I decided to take my skein of Leading Men Fiber Arts Callback in Jazzercise Leggings to make the Fractured Light hat and mitts by Kristin Kapur. I finished knitting the hat 12 days ago, and yesterday I finished knitting the first mitt and started the second one. I’m waiting until I’m all done to buy and sew on the buttons. I posted a picture of the brim of the hat to Instagram. This photo is nowhere near as bright as the colors actually are – they are eye searing!

Planning for my flight in a few days by finishing the brim of this hat so I can knit in the round on the plane.  #knitting #ggkcraftypad

A friend commented and said those aren’t my colors, and they aren’t. But I love this skein of yarn so much, and I can’t wait to finish the project and wear the hat and mitts.

My concern is the buttons. These colors are so bright I have no idea what color buttons to get. Maybe black? Maybe the dark purple? I don’t want to use metallic buttons – I think that would be too much. I should finish the second mitt today, so maybe tomorrow or next Saturday I can run to the fabric store and see if I can find buttons I like. If you think you know what color buttons will look best please let me know.

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Knitters Have No Excuse for Being Cold

Posted by Andi on September 16, 2014

We went to Riot Fest this past weekend. The weather was unseasonably cold. It rained all day on Friday, so it was wet and cold and didn’t even reach 60 degrees. On Saturday it was warmer during the day, but still cold at night. So I brought layers with me, including a flannel, a sweater, and a fleece jacket. But I also bought accessories.

It was a chilly night, but I had plenty of hand knits to keep me warm.

Here I’m wearing the Blueberry Hill Cowl I made this summer (for the first time – well, this picture was taken on Saturday and I first wore it on Friday), my Green Sockhead Hat, and Andi’s Reading Mitts. I was fairly warm with all of those wonderful hand knits!

It was warmer on Sunday, so I didn’t need all the accessories. That was good, because that was the day we decided to ride the Ferris wheel, and that would have been very cold on the other days. Here is what The Cure looked like from the top of the Ferris wheel.

View of The Cure from the top of a Ferris wheel.

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