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Totally not knitting related…

Posted by Andi on September 28, 2007

…but even more important…

THE CUBS CLINCHED THE DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Knitting Slump

Posted by Andi on September 27, 2007

I seem to have hit a bit of a knitting slump this week.  The last time I knit anything was on Sunday when I was at my dad’s house.  I brought two projects with me that day: Lys, and the Bee’s Knees Socks because they were both in the bag.  When I got there, however, I discovered that I left the pattern for Lys in my living room.  I guess I could have used their computer to get another copy of the pattern, but I had notes about numbers of rows to knit in different sections and whatnot on my own pattern, so I figured it was best to hold off until I had it.

So I cast on for the Bee’s Knees Socks.  I knit the whole leg, which I guess was quite a bit of knitting, even though it was using worsted weight yarn and isn’t nearly the same as knitting knee socks in sock yarn.  I got to the point when it was time to make the heel flap, and I had to stop.  The instructions were really poor.  First, it didn’t say how to divide the stitches among the DPNs after casting on.  I just did it fairly evenly.  Then with all of the increasing and decreasing involved in the calf, apparently I ended up with the wrong number of stitches on each needle.  It said to put all of the stitches from needles 2 and 3 onto one needle, and that there should be a certain number of stitches.  I think I was 2 stitches off.  I know I can just go back and adjust which stitches are on which needles, but I was just too lazy to do that.

While I think these socks are cute, I don’t think I will knit the second one.   It’s not a second sock syndrome thing.  It’s just, I don’t know, as I was knitting it I wasn’t really feeling the project.  I think I will use this to learn to make a heel flap and turn the heel, and then switch to my real sock yarn and smaller needles and make the socks I want to make.

Since Sunday I’ve been in a bit of a knitting slump.  Part of me just doesn’t feel like knitting, although it should be said that I have had other things that have been occupying my time as of late.  I’m wondering if it’s just the frustration of having the wrong stitches on the wrong needles that’s bothering me.  I don’t know.

Speaking of DPNs, though, can I say how much I love using them?  Right now I have three projects going that use DPNs for at least part of it, and I really like it.

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Stitching away

Posted by Andi on September 20, 2007

There isn’t much interesting going on right now.  I’m still knitting.  I’ve started the first sleeve of Cobblestone earlier this week, and I restarted Tim’s glove this week as well.  I’m plugging along, but nothing interesting is going on.

I’m really enjoying working on the gloves.  Not only is the Dream In Color yarn so wonderful to work with, but I’m enjoying the challenge.  I think this is a good work up to making socks.

I’ve decided I’m going to finish Poinsettia this weekend.  It’s going to be cool out soon, so it will finally be useful.  I haven’t worked on it in months.  I sometimes forget it’s still there.

I ordered a Ravelry shirt today!

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Sock Yarn Pr0n

Posted by Andi on September 17, 2007

On Saturday I went back to one of my LYSs to check out their selection of Dream In Color Smooshie sock yarn. The last time I was there I saw one hank in Giant Peach, and decided to wait until I had more money to buy it. I hoped it would still be there.

Sure enough, they had 2 hanks yet. There were a couple of other colors there, too. Ultimately I bought one hank in the Giant Peach color. I’m really enjoying working with the Dream In Color worsted weight yarn I’m using for Tim’s gloves, so I can’t wait to make some socks out of this stuff!

Dream In Color Smooshie

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New Knitty! New Knitty!

Posted by Andi on September 13, 2007

The new Knitty came out this afternoon. What do I see myself making? Well…

Muir, though not right away. I don’t think I’m quite there yet.
Roam, though the idea of sewing in a zipper still scares me. I don’t sew well. Maybe I can get some help on that part because I love this hoodie!
Mr Greenjeans
Diamond Waffle
Back to Basics

I will ask Tim if he likes Patch Pocket Raglan, if so, that will be added to the list.

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Posted by Andi on September 10, 2007

Can I please, please, work on a project all the way through without having to rip back?  I know mistakes happen, but geez, it would be nice to make it all the way though a projects without having to rip back by several rows, or all the way.

I had been working on Tim’s gloves.  I finally got to the hand after knitting a 5″ cuff in 1×1 rib (ugh), and after I got a couple of inches of the hand done I realized I was doing the cable wrong.  And it looked bad.  Really bad.  And because I don’t know how to fix cables by just dropping the appropriate stitches, I had to rip back.  Well, I frogged it, because I just don’t have the patience to try to rip back to the first row of cabling and making sure I have the right stitches on the right needles.  That’s right, I’d rather redo the whole thing.  I’m weird.

I was annoyed and decided that I needed to switch to another project for a while.  I pulled out Lys, which I haven’t worked on in a few weeks.  I got more of the right front done, and I might do some more yet tonight.  I’m not sure yet.  Size 8 needles feel absolutely enormous after knitting on size 3 DPNs!!

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Stash Enhancing Experience

Posted by Andi on September 7, 2007

One of my LYSs is having a big sale, so my friend and I went out there on Wednesday afternoon to check it out.

Oh, so much on sale! I almost bought some Regia sock yarn, but decided against it because I was iffy on the color. Although some of the first sock yarn I bought was at a big sale like this, now I’m of the thinking that if I’m going to get a really good deal on something I should buy enough yarn to make a sweater. Sock yarn is generally going to be $25 or less, and most of the time I could probably swing that financially. But having enough yarn for a sweater costs a lot more money, and I can’t always afford that.

There were 7 hanks of Needful Yarns Woodstock in color CS5368, which is sort of a light tan and cream color. I bought all 7 hanks, and with tax it only cost me about $37.

I got home and started going through patterns to decide what I was going to make with my new yarn. I settled upon the Big Sack Sweater by Jenna Wilson, which appears in Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitters Handbook by Debbie Stoller. This was the first knitting book I ever bought, and I fell in love with this sweater right away. Well, I fell in love with (and made) Skully first. But this was my second favorite sweater. And then, as I found Knitty and started buying magazines I forgot all about this sweater. I was reminded of it only recently when I saw it on Ravelry, and I added it to my queue right away. I’m thrilled I now have the yarn to make this sweater. Unfortunately I won’t get to it for a while. I still have to finish the projects I already have on the needles, as well as 2 Christmas projects. Oh well, at least it’s truly in the pipeline now.

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Knitting Scouts

Posted by Andi on September 6, 2007

The lovely Brenda Dayne, host of Cast On, has come up with the genius idea of Cast On Knitting Scouts where knitters can earn badges. Every time I think I have earned one I will post it, but there are a couple of badges I think I have earned already.

The first of these is The “Knitting Has Forced Me to Seek Medical Attention” Badge (Level One), which is described as follows:

In which the recipient has been forced to seek the advice of a medical doctor, nurse, or alternative healthcare professional for injuries sustained as a result of knitting.

When I went to the student wellness center at my university I wasn’t aware that my pain and numbness was knitting related. I was experiencing some numbness in the fingers in my left hand and some pain in my left shoulder/neck area. The nurse practitioner asked me if I had been doing anything different lately. There were three things.

1. At work I normally work off a computer, so I’m usually looking straight ahead at the monitor. For a week or two, however, I had been working off of hard copies, which meant looking down a lot of the time.

2. I was starting my holiday gift knitting, and although I was knitting regularly before that, I had really increased the amount of time I spent knitting then.

3. When I was at home but wasn’t knitting I was studying. Mainly reading.

The nurse practitioner then massaged part of my shoulder and asked if the numbness in my fingers went away while she was rubbing it. Sure enough, it had! Then she stopped and within a minute the numbness was back. She said that I had hurt myself (I think it had something to do with a nerve but I honestly don’t remember what her exact diagnosis was) from looking down all the time, both at work and while knitting at home.

Her recommended treatment: Take 3 Ibuprofen at a time instead of the recommended two (so that she wouldn’t have to write a prescription and thus I save money) and don’t look down for extended periods for at least a week. I had to hold reading material up to my face instead of looking down to see it, which was tiring for my arms. And, she said in no uncertain terms, no knitting. At all. For a week.

Ugh. Right in the middle of holiday knitting time. That was horrible. You know, there are times I go a week without knitting all the time, but it’s different when you are told you can’t do it. It became all I wanted to do.

I wasn’t sure if this truly qualified for the badge since it wasn’t knitting alone that caused me to seek medical attention. I’m pretty sure, though, that just reading at work wasn’t going to be enough to hurt me that badly. I think it was the combination of looking down all day at work plus looking down all evening and on weekends at home day in and day out that did me in. So here is my badge:

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Finding a balance

Posted by Andi on September 4, 2007

This past weekend was a long weekend.  Tim and I went to Indiana to visit his parents.  I brought the yarn for his gloves with me with the intention of doing a lot of knitting when we weren’t out shopping or eating.

It wasn’t to be.  I didn’t do any knitting all weekend.  Not one little stitch.  Why?  Because I was reading instead.  A friend of mine sent me a book, and is looking forward to my finishing it so that we can talk about it.  The book is called Chart Throb by Ben Elton, and it satirizes shows like The X Factor and American Idol.  It’s really funny, and I have been having a hard time putting it down.

Therein lies the problem.  It’s a problem of multi-tasking, or the lack thereof.  If I’m reading I can’t knit and vice versa.

Normally I’m not adverse to multi-tasking.  I knit while watching television or listening to music or having a conversation.  I read while watching television or listening to music.  But I don’t get the knitting and reading at the same time.  I feel that I am unable to give either of them the attention they deserve if I do them at the same time.  Perhaps it is because they are both continuous actions.  If I knit or read while watching television I don’t have to look at the TV set the whole time.  I can look up when it suits me.

So, now that I really want to finish this book (or, shall I say, not finish it because I love it and I don’t want it to be done) does this mean that knitting falls by the wayside?  Is there a balance where I can work on both?  Should I put down my book, even if I really want to keep reading, in order to keep progressing on my knitting projects?  Should I put down my knitting when I’m in a groove just to pick up a book?  I spent last night going through books in my home, deciding which I can get rid of, and it reminds me of all the wonderful books I have that I haven’t read yet.  Right now the only time I read books for pleasure is while working out.  I read magazines during my commute.

It gets even more complicated when I take into consideration that the semester is starting soon.  I will have data to enter and a manuscript to write.  I’m trying to come up with some sort of system, for example working for an hour and then taking 20 minutes or so to knit or read for a break.  I’m also thinking of setting aside some time, perhaps on Sunday, to spend the whole day writing, and having the evening to do as I please.

My inability to balance these tasks out has me a bit worried.  I know that if I have a school deadline that has to be my priority.  But right now when I should be working but don’t have to kill myself doing it, how do I balance work and pleasurable things such as knitting and reading?  And if it’s this bad now, how is it going to be if I ever have children?

How do you create a balance between everything you need to and want to do?

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