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FO: Chevron Scarf

Posted by Andi on February 26, 2009

Chevron Scarf
Pattern: Chevron Scarf, from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: Mirasol Hacho, colorways 309 and 301, 2 hanks each
Needles: US 6
Start: January 24, 2009
Finish: February 15, 2009

I think this is really pretty. I enjoyed working with the yarn, and I enjoyed the pattern. But I just don’t think this finished object is me.

Maybe it’s the colors or something. I don’t know. It’s just not the sort of thing I would normally wear. I wore it to work the other day to see if I could deal with it. It looked nice with the black sweater I was wearing, and I did think it’s pretty. At the same time, I’ve had no desire to wear it since.

So I don’t know what I will do with it. I may choose to give it away. Maybe if I wear it one day and someone says they like it I will just give it to them.


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Please excuse my absense!

Posted by Andi on February 22, 2009

I have not posted in quite a while! I’ve just been way too busy lately. The week before last was spent traveling for work. That particular week I got very little knitting done, given that I didn’t bring any knitting with my on my trips. I figured I wouldn’t have time to knit at all. With the exception of a delay on my fourth flight of the week, that held to be true. As much as I felt naked without a knitting project with me, I really had no time to knit. Why tempt myself with yarny goodness when I couldn’t spare the time?

Last week I was home, but crazy busy. I got some knitting in last weekend, and a little bit towards the end of this week. I spent last Sunday recovering from a cold, and ended up knitting all day. I managed to finish two projects that day. I think that’s a first for me!

Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina
Yarn: Regia Cotton Surf Color, colorway 5420, 1 ball
Needles: US 1 DPNs
Start: January 12, 2009
Finish: February 15, 2009

I’m very happy with how these socks turned out, especially given how horrible my first attempt was. I’m not even going to link to the post with the picture from that first attempt. Needless to say they were ugly. These are much better. I tried to make the striping on the socks match, and with the exception of the end of the toe and one part of the gusset I think I was successful.

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What yarn diet?

Posted by Andi on February 8, 2009

Yesterday I went to Sheep’s Clothing in Valparaiso, Indiana. I hadn’t been there in so long that I didn’t even realize they had moved. Oops.

We went because Tim’s sister needed some needles. I wasn’t going to buy anything. Honest, I really wasn’t. But as soon as I walked in I saw some Noro Kuryeon Sock, and it was all over. I walked around with one ball of sock yarn the whole time, then picked up another because I couldn’t decide on which colorway I liked better.

Then I felt some stash guilt, as I have a ton of sock yarn. Shouldn’t I buy yarn for some other project? I didn’t want to spend the money to get a sweater’s worth of yarn. What should I get?

That’s when I decided to buy some lace weight yarn to make a shawl. I’ve been wanting to make a shawl, and I’ve never gotten around to buying yarn for one. I saw some beautiful green lace weight yarn (which I will post pics of later, probably next weekend) and that was it. I was done.

Now I have a shawl to make. After I finish my three current WIPs and some other stuff. Oops.

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