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WIP – Noro striped scarf

Posted by Andi on August 31, 2008

For the past couple of weeks the skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock I ordered has been sitting in the living room staring at me. I really wanted to start working with it right away, but I have vowed to only have one sock or sock-like project going on at any given time. Charade is in progress, so I wouldn’t be able to work with the Noro until I finish that.

Then I remembered that I have four balls of Noro Aurora that I bought a few months ago to make a Noro striped scarf. I am not ready to use the sock yarn, but I could use the Aurora!!

Here’s how it looks so far:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

I figure every time there is a major color change I will document it. Right now there are three distinct color sections. Here is the bottom of the scarf:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

The second section, where the blue turned into a rose-like color and the purple turned into black:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

And finally, up to where I am now, where the rose-like color turned to yellow and the black turned into a greenish-tealish color:

WIP - Noro striped scarf

I’m having a real hard time putting this project down because I want to see what is coming next. Even so, I’m bringing Charade to my knitting group today since it’s already in my bag. That is the whole reason I have a sock project going, because it’s more portable than a scarf with two skeins of yarn attached to it.


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FO: Clapotis

Posted by Andi on August 24, 2008


Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Pines, 4 skeins
Needles: US 8


These aren’t the best pictures in the world, but the lighting in my office, where Clapotis has taken up residence, isn’t the greatest. I spent two days last week using it for warmth when the air condition was set too high, and it worked wonderfully. I have received several compliments on it already.

I was glad to see that the extra skein I had to buy after I ran out of yarn blended in well with the other yarn I had. There are some spots on one of the skeins I had originally that didn’t take the dye well, and that’s what jumps out at me.

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Yarn Binge

Posted by Andi on August 16, 2008

A few weeks ago I went to a sale at a LYS, and I broke my yarn diet. How can one pass up 40% off though? Even though I binged I was very good. I went in with a list of yarn requirements for a few projects I want to make, and I only bought yarn for those projects. I didn’t buy anything without a specific project in mind. I’m trying to reduce my stash to sock yarn (since I can always make socks) and yarn left over from projects. I don’t think I want to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn without having a sweater in mind any more. My apartment is too small for that.

Anyway, here’s what I got.

Mirasol Hacho

I got two hanks of Mirasol Hacho in color 309. I bought this to go with a few other hanks of Mirasol Hacho I alredy have to make the chevron scarf. There were two bins plus a cubby hole of Mirasol Hacho, and I wanted all of it. But I only bought these two hanks! Go me!

Suhrim Trading Co. Muse

Three balls of Suhrim Trading Co. Muse in black. I have never seen this yarn before. I couldn’t even find it on Ravelry. It’s mostly rayon, with some linen and metallic. That’s why I bought it, for the metallic! I thought I would use it for the Lace Ribbon Scarf. I knit a few rows of it, and I’m not sure I like it for that project. I go back and forth between thinking it’s sort of cool and spiderweb looking to thinking it looks sloppy. I think I will get a bit more done before I made a decision on that. I like the yarn, though, even though it’s a bit splitty.

Ella Rae Palermo

4 balls of Ella Rae Palermo. I bought these to make Ondine, which are arm warmers that go all the way up to the upper arm. Those will come in handy at work, where it’s freezing, and where they go up high enough to cover my tattoo.

Speaking of freezing at work, I have decided that once I’ve woven in the ends and washed Clapotis I’m taking it to work with me. It is often cold in my office, and I could use it on my lap or around my shoulders while I work.

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All may not be lost

Posted by Andi on August 10, 2008

After knitting group today I went to Hancock Fabrics to buy a new ball of yarn for my clapotis. I finished knitting it tonight, and I think it’s going to be okay. In the bad living room lighting I have, I don’t see a color difference. As a matter of fact, it was the second-to-last ball of yarn I used (which was part of the original purchase and the same dye lot as the rest of the shawl) where there was a problem. There were a few places where it looked like the dye didn’t take well, and some white shows through. That last ball I bought today, however, seems to look okay. I will wait until tomorrow before I say whether or not today’s purchase was successful. I want to see how it looks in sunlight.

The knitting is finished, but I still haven’t woven in the ends. It’s made of Wool-Ease, so I’m not sure it will block. I think I want to machine wash it before taking pictures, so I might not have any photos until later in the week or next week.

Before I bought the extra yarn I was going to get started on the lace ribbon scarf. Then I realized that all of my row counters were currently on other projects. Oops!

And since I’m posting right now, I might as well give an update on charade. I haven’t been working the sock in a while. I have it in my laptop bag when I travel, but getting used to business travel made knitting nearly impossible. When I didn’t have yarn for clapotis, and no row counters for the lace ribbon scarf, I decided to work on charade. At knitting group today I finished the heel flap on the first sock. Progress!

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Close, but not cigar

Posted by Andi on August 9, 2008

For the first time in my knitting career I have started a project and ran out of yarn before finishing it.

I was *so* close to finishing my clapotis this weekend. I don’t have much to go. But I just ran out of yarn.

All hope isn’t completely lost. I’m using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and the color hasn’t been discontinued, so I can go to the store and buy more. I bought this yarn several years ago, however, so I won’t be able to get the same dye lot. I am hoping the color is close enough, or one end will be a different color from the rest of the shawl. Ugh.

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