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Posted by Andi on March 20, 2016

Pattern: Strie Socks, Top Down by Lara Neel
Yarn: Regia Design Line Random Stripe by Kaffe Fassett, 1.56 skeins (358.8 yards)
Needles: US 1
Date started: January 19, 2016
Date completed: March 6, 2016

My mother bought me the book Sock Architecture by Lara Neel for either my birthday or Christmas (I don’t recall which). I quickly decided I wanted to knit every sock pattern in the book and try the various techniques. This was my first. There are toe-up and cuff-down versions of this pattern. I used the cuff-down version. There were three options for toes. I did the shorter toe, which meant I had to knit the foot a tad bit longer than I normally do because the toe decreases were going to take up less room. I wanted to see how that would work out. I have worn the socks once so far, and so far so good.

I love this yarn. There are so many colors in it. From far away it’s clear there are different colors, but close up you can see that some are brighter than others. There is enough left to make some hexipuffs, which will look great in my blanket.

As I said, this was the cuff-down version of the pattern. I don’t think I will make the toe-up version until I’ve knit a few more patterns from the book, just for the variety. I love how this stitch pattern looks, but it was a bit tedious. Plus, I just finished a pair of fingerless mitts (that’s for another post) that uses the same stitch pattern. So I think I will hold off for bit.


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Simple Braided Cable Knit Hat

Posted by Andi on March 13, 2016

I finished the second of the green and brown shawls with a few days left to go in February, and there was one type of Winter Camp extra points for February that I hadn’t collected yet – color. One of the colors for February was orange, and I happened to have an extra skein of orange yarn in my stash. I originally intended to buy one skein of Cascade 220 in orange to make amigurumi carrots. And, in fact, I did by a skein – and promptly forgot and bought another one. So, extra orange yarn! Perfect! There were only a few days left in February, but I thought I could eke out an orange hat.

So I did!

Simple Braided Cable Knit Hat
Pattern: Simple Braided Cable Knit Hat by Melissa Leapman
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9465B Burnt Orange (.78 skien, 171.6 yards)
Needles: US 7
Date started: February 25, 2016
Date completed: February 27, 2016

I searched Ravelry for a pattern, focused on patterns I already owned, and decided on this one. This pattern is out of one of the earliest knitting books I bought: Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman. When I started going through to book looking for the pattern instructions I realized I had this book for many years, but never knit anything out of it. There are some blankets in this book I really want to make. I’m thinking about making the Harvest Tweed Afghan for Tim. But the main reason I wanted this book was to have the Sampler Afghan pattern. I completely forgot I had this pattern, and I want to make it so badly.

Anyway, back to the hat. This was such an easy pattern. Once you get past the brim there is an easy to memorize 4-row repeat until you get to the decreases. The cable is pretty easy as well. This would be a fantastic project for someone who wants to try their hands at cables, but don’t want the commitment of making a larger sweater or something. It knit up so quickly. And with this yarn it’s so nice and warm – just in time for spring! So I may not wear it until next year, but it will be nice and warm when I do. If I were to make it again using this yarn I would probably go down a needle size or two because it’s just a tad bit loose. My head is small, but my hair is so thin that hats are often big on me. But this one will do. It’s not too loose.

As you may recall, I also made an orange hat for Tim. The orange of Tim’s hat is much brighter than the orange hat I made myself. We haven’t tried to wear them on the same day yet. I wonder how that will look!

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Green and Brown Shawls

Posted by Andi on March 6, 2016

February was the month where I finished two green and brown shawls that were the same shape and designed by podcasters. I didn’t do this on purpose – it was a complete coincidence.

Duchess of Devonshire
Pattern: Duchess of Devonshire by Kay Jones
Yarn: Leading Men Fiber Arts in Soliloquy in Into the Woods (.89 skein, 586.9 yards)
Needles: US 6
Date started: January 12, 2016
Date completed: February 16, 2016

I didn’t take a close up photo of the yarn, but trust me, it’s light green with some brown.

I purchased this yarn at Yarn Con last year. It’s a 150 g put up, so it has more yardage than typical skeins of fingering weight yarn. I bought it specifically to make a shawl, I was just waiting to find the right pattern.

Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears Podcast designed the pattern. I saw the pattern on the podcast and thought this yarn would be perfect for it. The pattern called for about 150 g of yarn, so I wouldn’t have too much leftover yarn. I wanted to use as much of the skein as possible. I used all one color, but some people who have knit this pattern used two colors, and those are beautiful as well.

I loved knitting this pattern. The body of the shawl is pretty and easy to knit, so I was able to work on this pattern while watching hockey. The best part is the edging at the bottom. Typically when I’ve done edging like that it involved binding off hundreds of stitches and then picking them up. This keeps all the stitches on the needle, which was so much easier.

I would recommend this shawl for someone who wants to start their first lace project. The lace in the body of the shawl is basic. There is more shaping in the edging, but it’s still pretty easy. And the results are so pretty!

In the month of February, you could get 20 Winter Camp bonus points by finishing a project for your neck, so I got bonus points for this one.

Across the Pond Shawl
Pattern: Across the Pond Shawl by Mina Philipp
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Glitter Sock in Black Mousse (.92 skeins – 368.3 yards) and Frosted Kiwi (.82 skeins, 328.2 yards)
Needles: US 5
Date started: February 4, 2016
Date completed: February 25, 2016

I worked very hard to get this project done in February to get Winter Camp bonus points. I couldn’t get the neck points because I got those with the Duchess of Devonshire shawl, and you can only get one type of bonus points once a month. This shawl was designed by Mina Philipp of the Knitting Expat Podcast, who was one of the Winter Camp featured designers for February. I wouldn’t get the bonus points if I finished it in March.

I had two color combination possibilities for this shawl. The first was some very light pink and very dark gray I bought at Purl Soho in New York a couple of years ago. The second was the color combination I chose. I bought this yarn the day before Christmas Eve as a Christmas gift for myself because it was so soft (it has some cashmere in it) and pretty and shiny. I just wanted to knit with this yarn more, so I chose it.

After I chose this yarn for this project I realized I would be making back-to-back green and brown shawls. The greens are both light and kind of similar, so I decided to use the brown yarn for the body of this shawl. Thankfully they don’t look too similar.

As with the first shawl, I wanted to use as much of this yarn as possible. As such, I kept knitting repeats of each section until I didn’t have enough yarn for another full repeat, ignoring the pattern a bit which gives recommendations as to where to stop. I still have enough yarn for hexipuffs, though.

I felt very accomplished to finished large fingering weight projects so quickly.

I am doing the yards in/yards out calculations this year, but you may have noticed that I haven’t put those calculations in my posts. That’s because I haven’t bought any yarn yet this year, and you can’t divide by zero. It’s been very difficult – I’ve really been in the mood to buy yarn, and I’ve had to force myself not to go into any of the local yarn stores around here. But so far, so good.

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