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Posted by Andi on May 31, 2014


Pattern: Kai-Mei by Cookie A
Yarn: Regia Line Steps Color in 5369, .7 skein
Needles: US 1
Date started: May 3, 2014
Date completed: May 26, 2014

This is the first Cookie A pattern I knit. It’s from the book Sock Innovation, which I got as a gift a while back. I picked the yarn first for this project. Since I’m really trying to work down my stash and knit with what I have, I chose one of the oldest sock yarns I had in my stash. This skein of Regia was purchased the same time as a few other skeins of sock yarn at an LYS that was having a moving sale. That was six years ago. I knit some of the skeins, but not others. This one was still left. I think I never knit with it because it is a bit boring, just a bunch of grays and not particularly pretty ones. I think I was wrong about that, though. You probably can’t tell in the picture, but in the light gray there are subtle variations, besides the bits of darker gray you can see. Anyway, I wanted to knit something interesting for yarn I thought was a bit boring. I also wanted to knit something out of this book because I had it for a while and hadn’t used it. So here we are.

I am an experienced sock knitter, but I have to say this pattern confused me a bit here and there. In order to get the lace to go from the side to the top of the foot, the gusset decreases aren’t in the typical places. I was sort of able to get my head around that, just followed the directions even though my sock-making instincts told me otherwise, and it worked.


There were also a few places toward the end of the pattern, getting toward the toe, where the instructions weren’t clear to me. I don’t know if it was written poorly or if my brain just wasn’t working. As I knit more patterns from this book I guess I will find out.

I’m putting a dent in my yarn. These socks used 321.5 yards of yarn, meaning I have now knit 86.3% of the yards I have purchased so far in 2014. Again, this doesn’t include the fingerless mitts, sweater, and the new sock I have in progress. I need to finish more of those up, because, um, I just joined a sock club. More on that later.


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Posted by Andi on May 18, 2014

I managed to get a lot of knitting-related items lately.

First, last month I won a prize from the Geeky Girls Knit podcast and Knitter’s Pride. I knew I would get some Knitter’s Pride products, but I wasn’t sure what it would be. I thought maybe a set of needles or something, so I was surprised when I got all this:

Look what I won! Thanks @knitterpride and @cc_almon !!

I got a set of size US 19 straight needles, US 2.5 circular needle, stitch markers, and a shawl pin. I actually broke a shawl pin a few days after this package arrived, so a new one was timely! Thanks, Geeky Girls and Knitter’s Pride!!

My birthday was last week, and one of my friends got me three knitting books. The first is Adventures in Yarn Farming: Four Seasons on a New England Fiber Farm by Barbara Perry. While there are a few patterns and recipes in this book, it’s mostly a book about fiber farming. There are beautiful pictures. I might use this as a coffee table book.

The second book is Lace One-Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant. This book is full of small lace patterns. As I said many times, another book in this series, Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders, is one of my all-time favorite pattern books. As soon as I saw this one existed I knew I needed it. It’s very promising. I have a feeling I will make a lot of the projects in this book.

The third book is Literary Knits by Nikol Lohr. As you might expect, the projects in this book are inspired by books. Of the three books, the project I want to make most is in this one: the Gregor Sweater. It’s based on inspired by The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Yes, those are colorwork bugs. Yes!!

Finally, on my actual birthday my mom and I went to a local yarn store so she could get some new sock yarn. I figured I would break my rules and buy myself something because, hello, it was my birthday. I got this.

A new #oval shaped skein of yarn in spring colors for a dreary day. My birthday gift to myself. #ggkcraftypad

I generally don’t go for pastel colors, but it was mid-May and dreary and rainy that day, and I think I really wanted spring to come when I saw this. I’ve been stalking some patterns for self-striping yarns on Ravelry. This addition to my stash means I’ve had a setback in my yards in/yards out count. Prior to this purchase I had knit 88.5% of the yards I had purchased this year, and now I’m down to 78%. This doesn’t include the sock I finished today, the fingerless mitt I finished, and the sweater I’m half done with. I only count the yards when the project is complete. I should be back to where I was shortly.

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An FO from Long Ago

Posted by Andi on May 11, 2014

Cable Cowl
Pattern: Cable Cowl by Kristina Larson
Yarn: Rowan Cocoon in Alpine, 2 skeins
Needles: US 10.5
Date started: November 2013
Date completed: March 2, 2014

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my friend Angela, for her to wear on those cold New England winter days. However, I didn’t finish knitting this until after Christmas (though, if I’m not mistaken, before new year’s). However, I didn’t put the buttons on until March. I even took this picture a long time ago. But I finally saw Angela this weekend, so I was able to give it to her. I couldn’t even put it on Ravelry because she might have seen it there. Unfortunately it’s finally warm now, so she won’t be able to wear this for a while.

This can be worn as a cowl or scarf if it’s unbuttoned. The yarn is bulky and loosely knit, so no button holes are needed — the buttons can just go through the stitches. I haven’t thought about it, but I guess that would mean it can be worn in even more ways depending on where it is buttoned.

Because I knit this in 2013 it doesn’t count toward my yarn in, yarn out totals. But I’ve been working on my sweater and a pair of socks, so I’m still making stashdown progress.

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Gnome Hat

Posted by Andi on May 3, 2014

Gnome Hat
Pattern: Wee Folk Art Pointed Pixie or Gnome Hat by Michelle WeeFolkArt
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Bubbles in 2431, 1 ball
Needles: US 13
Date started: April 24, 2013
Date completed: April 24, 2013

Friends of mine had a baby boy recently. I made this hat for him. I had originally made him something else, but decided it wasn’t the right gift. I thought this hat would be much better. I thought it fit his family’s personality better.

I called it a gnome hat (since it’s for a boy I wasn’t going to call it a pixie hat), but when his mom posted a picture of him wearing it on Facebook she called it a wizard hat. I like that! It can totally be a wizard hat!!

What I liked about this hat, and one of the reasons I chose to make it, is that the hat tapers up. If the hat is too big as is, the bottom can be rolled up to a part of the hat with a smaller circumference. This way, I hope the little boy can wear it for longer, and get more use out of it.

Like many projects I’ve worked on this year, this project was a stash busting project. This yarn has been in my stash for two years. A woman in my knit group brought it one night — a man whose mother was a knitter and had passed away contacted her to see if she would take her knitting supplies. There were four balls of this yarn, and I took all four with the thought of making a baby sweater. I made this hat instead. It used 44.5 yards of yarn, which is less than one ball. Since I have three balls left I can make at least 3 more of these hats if I want to, maybe even four if there are enough leftovers from each ball of yarn.

The actual knitting of this project was kind of a pain, however. The pattern called for size 13 needles. My new interchangeable set doesn’t have size 13 tips. I didn’t have a set of size 13 DPNs either. I was stuck using a fixed circular needle I have, which is plastic. This yarn totally grabbed onto the needles, making it difficult to knit. Note to self — I need a size 13 circular needle or DPNs that aren’t plastic.

I finished this before the Sallah Cowl, so I don’t have a new percentage of purchased yarn knit number here. I’m still at 88.5% of the yardage I purchased so far this year knit up, since this yarn was included in my calculation after making Sallah. I waited to post a picture of this hat until I knew the family received the hat. I don’t think they read this blog, but just in case I didn’t want to post it before they got it.

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