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WIP – Seafoam Scarf

Posted by Andi on March 31, 2009

I was really having a hard time finding a scarf pattern to use for the Malabrigo Lace yarn that I have because it changes color. I tried two different patterns, and really wasn’t liking the results. I think I finally found a pattern I’m happy with.

WIP - Seafoam Scarf

This is the Seafoam Scarf by Ali Green. I think I can still see the stitch pattern, even with the color change.

After this experience, I don’t think I will buy multi-color lace yarn again. Maybe I would get a colorway where there is a slight variation of shade, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.


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Blogger slacker

Posted by Andi on March 22, 2009

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Sorry. Life has been busy.

Onto the WIPs.

I finished the first Sweetpea sock. I love it. I started the second one this morning, but so far I’m still on the ribbing. My goal was to have the second one started, but not near done, by tomorrow morning. I’m leaving to go out of town tomorrow, so I can bring the project and not worry about taking scissors.

I finished the turtleneck shrug. I’m happy with how it turned out. Pictures to come.

I have started a scarf. Again, pics to come later.

Finally, I have yet to finish the big sack sweater. It’s still mostly put together, sitting on the recliner chair in the living room. I hate seaming. I really need to get it done, though. I would like to wear it once before it gets too warm out.

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Another new pair of socks

Posted by Andi on March 9, 2009

I went out for a bit on Friday night, and I was gone most of the day on Saturday. I wanted to bring a knitting project with me. The turtleneck shrug was the only real WIP I had at the time, and that wasn’t going to work. It was too far along to be portable anymore. Obviously I had to start a new project.

I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this on Friday. I’ve been wanting to start a lace project, and I found a couple of patterns I was interested in trying. In the end, however, I started another pair of socks instead.

Choosing a pattern was difficult as well, as there were about four different sock patterns I’ve been looking forward to making recently. In the end I chose the Sweetpea socks. This was the first pair of socks I wanted to make back when I decided I wanted to give sock knitting a shot, and I’m using the first ball of sock yarn I ever bought. Trekking Pro Natura. I bought it on a whim because I liked the colors. I ended up knitting another pair of socks first because the sock yarn was a little thicker, and I thought it would be better for my first pair. I don’t know why I didn’t make these second, but I didn’t.

A couple of years later I’m finally making these socks. I’m maybe 4″ into the leg, and I’m really enjoying the pattern. It’s easy to remember, and I haven’t been messing it up.

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