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Stitches Midwest 2010

Posted by Andi on August 22, 2010

My mom and I decided to go to Stitches Midwest together. My mom wanted to see what it was all about and I wanted to familiarize myself with new yarns, and I thought my mom would keep me accountable. There were so many pretty yarns.

What was most interesting to me was seeing the small businesses with unique yarns. I saw some awesome art yarns (I like that term better than “novelty yarn”) that made some really awesome fabrics. There were beautifully dyed sock yarns. One of my favorite booths was from an alpaca farm where they spin the fleece from the alpacas right on the farm. I plan to buy some of that yarn in the future.

I went to the Webs booth to check out the Valley Yarns line, and it was really difficult not to buy a sweater’s worth right then and there. It was nice to finally check them out in person and be able to feel them since I’ve considered buying them on many occasions.

Between the alpaca yarn and the Valley Yarns, I also found a skein of Lisa Souza lace weight that I wanted. My mom thought it would make a great shawl for fall, but there is no way I could knit a shawl for this fall. In the end, I decided not to buy any yarn. I have a few projects I need to finish in the short term, and the next yarn I buy needs to be the yarn for Tim’s Christmas sweater.

I only bought two patterns by Jordana Paige: Emmery (I tried on the sample and loved it — the sleeves are just long enough to cover my tattoo!) and Charlie. And believe me, I’ve already been on Ravelry trying to choose my yarn.

I was really proud of myself for not going crazy and buying all of the pretty. I wonder if I’ll be so good when I go to Yarn Con.


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We’re at 15

Posted by Andi on August 14, 2010

Finished objects, that is. I finished my 15th project in 2010 this evening, though I can’t really discuss it because it’s a gift. Even if I could, I’m still cameraless. At this point I’m a little bit behind. I should probably have 16 finished objects to reach my goal of 26 by the end of the year. However, my second plane sock is over half done, and I’m still making progress on the Blanket From Hell. I have three more things I’m going to knit as part of this gift which are all quick knits. That will put me at 20 in the near future.

I fear missing my goal, however, because I decided to make Tim a sweater for Christmas. He chose an aran cable pullover with a hood, which I was excited about because I really wanted to make it, but it will be time consuming and I fear stalling out at 21 projects. Make that 22, as I will start another pair of plane socks at some point. Maybe I can throw in some dishcloths?

On the camera front, I chose the model I want. Now I’m just doing price comparisons. I should have a new camera within about two weeks.

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In Camera

Posted by Andi on August 9, 2010

Today was going to be the day that I chronicled about my five-day weekend on this blog. There were to be pictures of the delicious food we ate Thursday night at Topolobampo. There were to be pictures of the crazy people I saw at Lollapalooza this weekend, and maybe some of the bands too. Instead, however, I will have to let my words do all of my talking for the next little while as I managed to lose my camera over the weekend. Not only can I not provide visual aids for my weekend, I won’t be able to post any WIPs or FOs or anything else for that matter. Not like there was much knitting getting done, and two of my three WIPs are gifts so it’s not like I was going to post pictures here yet anyway. Still. I am hoping to buy a new camera next weekend.

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More room to make things

Posted by Andi on August 1, 2010

The most important thing we were looking for in an apartment when planning our move, outside of it being in our price range and being close to public transportation, was that the kitchen be more functional than our previous kitchen. The kitchen in our old apartment was sad, even though it was nicely remodeled while we were living there. It was very narrow. So narrow, in fact, that if I opened the oven door I couldn’t stand behind it because it was too close to the cabinets on the opposite side of the kitchen. There wasn’t enough room for Tim and I to cook together. I love baking, but baking in that kitchen was useless. I had to keep the recipe book on the floor in order to have enough cabinet space to work my magic. It was truly horrific.

The kitchen in our new apartment is 1000 times better. It’s square, and there is room to move around. There is room for both of us to be in there at the same time. It has a double sink, which makes doing dishes much easier, and drying dishes no longer takes up counter space. And there’s a pantry and built-in China cabinet! All these great things aside, there still was too little counter space if Tim and I wanted to cook at the same time, and in particular for baking.

To remedy the situation, we went to Ikea today and got an island.


The white in the legs matches our kitchen perfectly. It gives us just that little bit of extra counter space we need. The shelves below can be storage, or the space to put that bowl of dry ingredients while putting together the wet once.

Now our kitchen is complete, which really inspires me to bake again, something I haven’t done nearly enough in the past few years.

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