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I’m thankful for the fact that it’s still Thanksgiving weekend!

Posted by Andi on November 29, 2008

Boy, did I need this long weekend. Not only did I need to recharge the batteries a little bit after being really busy, but I really needed to get some knitting in.

And knit I did. I think it’s appropriate that I finished knitting my first Christmas gift on Thanksgiving. It still needs to be blocked, but the knitting is done. I started my second gift on Friday. Since we sat at Tim’s parents’ house watching What Not To Wear all day, I managed to get quite a bit done. These would be the socks for my mom. There is a little less than a month until Christmas, and I should be able to finish these. I already have the pattern repeat memorized, so it should be smooth sailing from here.

I decided that I’m only making two gifts. I was going to make three, but that’s not realistic. Someone will get a store-bought gift instead. What can I say, I only have so much time. Only once have I shown someone something I started making them when gift giving time came around because I wasn’t finished with it. Never again. The gift will be finished at the appropriate time, or they will get something else. So this year I am only making two gifts, which was realistic given 1. the time I started, and 2. they aren’t quick projects like hats.


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Yarn Pr0n – Malabrigo Lace

Posted by Andi on November 22, 2008

I needed to take my car into the dealership to get some work done on it. Instead of going to the one closest to my apartment (and when I say “closest” I mean that loosely – it’s still over a half hour away) I decided to drive to the dealership in Downers Grove. I figured that way I was close to my parents and could stop in to see one of them after the car was finished.

The work on my car was done quicker than I thought it would be, so I decided to stop at Knitche before heading onto my dad’s house. I love going to new-to-me yarn shops! After walking around the store a couple of times, I narrowed my yarn choices down to three things: Fleece Artist, some alpaca sock yarn, or some Malabrigo Lace.

Malabrigo lace

I had a hard time choosing a color. I really wanted this one, but I feared I would need two hanks, and the other hank in this colorway looked different. So I stood in front of the yarn for about 10 minutes while I fiddled with my Blackberry, looking on Ravelry for the pattern I had in mind, to check out the yarn requirements. I finally decided one hank would work, and I bought this one.

It’s so soft and pretty 🙂

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Yarn pr0n courtesy of my mom

Posted by Andi on November 18, 2008

Cascade Heritage

Behold the Cascade Heritage sock yarn my mom chose. I’m to make her a pair of socks. I’ve chosen a pattern, but I’m not going to tell, because it’s supposed to be a surprise.

As if she reads this blog. Still, in case she does, it’s a surprise. Hi Mom!

The yarn isn’t faded as it appears in this picture. I was taking the picture in bad lighting. I’ve been putting off taking a picture of this yarn that I wasn’t about to try to find better lighting somewhere in the apartment, or wait for daylight. I suck. I’m sorry.

Will I be able to even start these socks before Christmas? We shall see.

By the way, I saw a woman wearing a Tychus on the L last night.

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It’s November what?!?!?!

Posted by Andi on November 14, 2008

I swear I thought I started early enough this year.

Let’s see, I’m halfway through one present. I have another present to make when that one is finished. Oh, and when I bought that sock yarn in order to make socks for my mom, she asked if they could be done in time for Christmas. Um, probably not. But I’m going to try.

I have to rethink my strategy. When I was working on The Most Boring Hand Knit Socks Ever I worked on them every moment I had to get them done in time for Tim’s birthday. I knit them on the train, hanging out with friends, every extra moment I had. I love knitting, but I hate when it feels like a chore.

Since I finished those socks I stopped knitting on the train. I’ve been using that time to read or do a sudoku or crossword puzzle. My commute gave me time to do something else. I’ve been knitting at home, or when I’m on the train with Tim, I just gave it up during my commute. I think I’m going to have to pick that back up again, starting in a few minutes when I leave for work.

I had two floating holidays left, and I took one on the Friday before Christmas. I thought it would be nice to have a day off to run a few last-minute Christmas errands. But knitters know what I will really be doing that day: Knitting away furiously on someone’s present!

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More for me!

Posted by Andi on November 8, 2008

Even though I should be focusing all of my knitting energy on getting knitting done for other people, I’m focusing on future projects for myself. My latest desire is to knit a beret for myself. I can’t believe this. I have always thought that berets look like crap on me. But I got my hair cut yesterday, and it’s back to the chin length I should have kept it at, and now I think it might be cute. So maybe after I finish Amber’s hat and 3 Christmas presents I will make one.

I think I have decided upon the Star Crossed Slouch Beret. And I think I have yarn in my stash to make it. So not only is it a project I’m excited about, but I can destash as well. Yay!

And, finally, I have been promising my friend Chelle fingerless gloves for, like, ever. So in order to finally get my butt into gear, I’m posting about it here. Before the first day of spring, after my Christmas gifts are done, Chelle is getting her fingerless gloves. Period.

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Daffodils in the winter

Posted by Andi on November 2, 2008

Lately, as far as my knitting life goes, I seem to be gravitating towards colors and patterns that, normally, I probably wouldn’t wear. I thought I had a good sense of what is my thing and what isn’t, but now I think I’m a bit confused. Here are two examples.

First, I found this shawl pattern on Ravelry. The suggested yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock. I have two skeins of Noro sock yarn (one is Silk Garden), so of course I started wondering immediately which of those two skeins I would want to use to make this shawl. But hold up. Am I a shawl person? I made Clapotis, which I keep in my office for when it’s cold in there. I also made the Phiaro Scarf, but I rarely wear that as a shawl, I wear it as a scarf instead. If I made this shawl with my pretty Noro sock yarn, would I wear it? Sometimes I have these grand notions of being one of those awesomely sophisticated women who wear interesting shawls and scarves as fantastic fashion accessories. Ha! I’m so far removed from that it isn’t even funny. Even if I could pull it off, my current wardrobe can’t. But then I think that maybe if I start knitting myself some more sophisticated accessories, maybe when I go clothes shopping I will start getting clothes that fit in with that idea. That’s great in theory, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Second, lately colors that I probably wouldn’t wear have been jumping out at me. When I was at a LYS yesterday I was drawn to a hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Daffodil colorway. If you haven’t seen it, it’s bright yellow, green, and turquoise. They are certainly beautiful colors, but I don’t normally wear colors that bright. I had the hank of yarn in my hand for quite a while, however, and I very nearly purchased it. I thought I would make a winter hat out of it. I could wear it with my drab brown wool winter coat as sort of a “screw you” to the dull grays and browns of a Chicago winter. What? Me?

So for the past 24 hours I’ve been wondering why I’ve been drawn to things that traditionally aren’t very me. The only reasoning I could come up with is that I don’t necessarily want these things for myself (although I would gladly keep them), I just want to knit them for a change of pace. I don’t knit with bright colors very often, so knitting something out of Daffodil Lorna’s Laces yarn would be a fun diversion for me. Knitting a shawl out of my bright Noro Kuryon Sock would be a nice break from all of the socks I’ve been making lately (even though I love making socks).

I probably wouldn’t buy sock yarn I wouldn’t want for myself to put into my stash. However, perhaps when it comes to gift knitting, I should go out of my way to work with colors and patterns I wouldn’t normally select for myself. Perhaps that would keep my knitting life more exciting.

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The yarn equivalent of that pumpkin pie with whipped cream I shouldn’t have had today

Posted by Andi on November 1, 2008

I think I cheated on my yarn diet. I’m not sure, though.

Does it count if you are at a yarn store with your mom, and you ask her if she would like a pair of socks as a gift, and she picks the yarn out and you pay for it? Isn’t that like holiday calories? They don’t count?

Or is it like random Saturday calories, where the pumpkin pie probably shouldn’t have been consumed?

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