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Crafting Resolutions

Posted by Andi on January 28, 2017

I have made knitting resolutions for the past few years. I know we are almost a full month into 2017, but I thought it would be good to look back at my resolution for 2016, and look forward to 2017.

My results for 2016 were mixed.

1. Hat Trick: This is from the Puck This! group on Ravelry – make 3 hats in the month of January. I succeeded on this one. I finished all 3 hats.

2. More yards out than yards in: As a reminder, “yards out” doesn’t just mean yards I knit, but also any skeins I destash. Yards only count once an object is finished. Similarly, “yards in” doesn’t mean I paid for the yarn, but it’s any yarn that comes into my stash by gift or repurposing yarn. This was a huge failure this year for two main reasons. The first was the swap I did with my knit group, in which I took several skeins out of my stash, but swapped for skeins with more yardage. Oops. The second reason was that I bought yarn to make an afghan, and I haven’t made it yet. By the end of the year, 9,713.9 yards left my stash, and put 15,888 yards into my stash. That comes to 61.1%, which is awful.

3. 3 sweaters: I tried, but failed at this one. I made a sweater for myself which turned out horribly and I hate it. I finished a baby sweater, and also got more than halfway through the baby sweater I quit. I don’t think a baby sweater was in the spirit of the goal, but whatever.

4. Finally make my knitting amigurumi vegetables: Nope.

5. Use 12 skeins of sock yarn (doesn’t have to be 12 pairs of socks – could be shawls, scarves, hats, etc. Also, clearly I won’t use 100% of the skein, but I want to have a decent sized project from each): I did this! I made 5 pairs of socks, 2 shawls, a baby dress, and a scarf out of 12 skeins of yarn.

6. More hexipuffs. I would like to get through the scraps friends have sent me: I did finish making hexipuffs out of all the scraps my friends gave me. I also sewed about half of the hexipuffs I have into the blanket.

Now – my crafting resolutions for 2017.

1. Complete the hat trick: I do this every year, and because I’m posting this so late, I’ve already accomplished this one!!

2. Use 12 skeins of sock yarn: Yes, I’m doing this one again this year. I have so many skeins of sock yarn in my stash that this needs to be a goal every year. So far I have used one skein.

3. Finally make my amigurumi vegetables: I say this every year. But this year I mean it. Really.

4. Learn to crochet well enough to have one crochet FO: I have always wanted to learn to crochet well. I have crochet books, but do nothing. This year my mom gave me a crochet stitch dictionary for Christmas, and I’m using that as motivation to learn. Also, this is the reason why I have “crafting resolutions” instead of “knitting resolutions.”

5. More yards out than yards in: I definitely won’t be buying yarn for afghans this year. But I really, really want to succeed at this one this year. To that end I’m doing something drastic. I will not buy any stash yarn this year. I can buy yarn to make gifts for people. I am debating whether I can buy yarn to make something for myself if I have a specific project in mind. I think I will only allow myself to do that if I’m going to make said project right away.

6. Finish beekeeper’s quilt: I have a few new fingering weight leftovers I want to turn into hexipuffs. Then I want to sew everything together and see where the blanket is at size-wise. I figure I’m going to have to make a few half-sized hexipuffs for the edges.

7. Make 3 adult garments: I already have a sweater for Tim on the needles, and I have yarn set aside for 3 garments for myself, so I only have to do two of those. I already know what those will be.

So there you go. This time next year I will revisit this and see how I do.


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