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Where my knitting mojo went, and how I got it back

Posted by Andi on December 4, 2016

Despite the lack of content on this blog, I have been knitting. A bit. But I haven’t been very enthusiastic about it, at least not until last week.

I’ve always been a pretty productive knitter. I finish a lot of projects. And I’ve finished some projects even – mostly back in the summer. I’m not going to post about them all here, but they are all on the finished objects page.

But lately I’ve been a slower knitter. Less enthused. I didn’t knit every time I watched TV. I have one long-term project on the needles – a scarf made out of two skeins of fingering weight yarn. It’s simple, so I want to use it as a travel project and when I watch movies with subtitles. It’s not done yet, but I’m hoping it will be finished by the end of the year. But more on that later.

I couldn’t understand where my enthusiasm went. That had never happened to me before. I have loved knitting since I started knitting. Over Thanksgiving I figured out what the problem was. I have been working on a sweater for my cousin’s new baby, and I hated it. I mean, it was cute and all, but I really hated knitting it. Because it was a gift, I felt that if I was knitting I was supposed to be knitting that, and since I hated it, I wasn’t knitting much at all.

Finally, Thanksgiving weekend, I gave it up. I was working on the second sleeve, and discovered that I had missed two sets of increases somewhere. I put it down, and figured I would rip out the sleeve and start over. A few minutes later, I decided I wasn’t going to rip it out. I’m done with this sweater.

As soon as I decided I was done with this sweater, my knitting mojo came back. I started searching for new sweater patterns. I’ve been planning new projects. I signed up for Winter Camp, which inspired me so much earlier this year.

I’m back.


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