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Sail On Girly Girl Socks

Posted by Andi on June 25, 2016

New socks!
Yarn: Little Heart Yarns Joy Socks Self Striping in Sail On Girly Girl, .63 skein (248.9 yards); Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock in Elderberry, .14 skein (20.1 yards) = 279 yards total
Needles: US 1
Date started: June 7, 2016
Date completed: June 23, 2017

I love these socks! The main color is from LittleHeartYarns and it was a delight to knit up. I decided I wanted to use a contrast yarn for the heel so I wouldn’t break up the stripe pattern. I choose some leftover Wildfoote that I had from another pair of socks. I thought it was the perfect choice because it had a light blue, and a purple to match the pink, but also black so it wasn’t too matchy matchy.

I didn’t follow a pattern for these socks. I made my own vanilla sock pattern.

I cast on 64 stitches, and knit 15 rounds in 1×1 twisted rib.

For the leg, I knit a full 60 rounds. I knit the first (or front) half of the 61st round, and stopped to start the heel on the back of the round.

I used a fish lips kiss heel. I like the twin stitches much better than a traditional short-row heel. Plus, it fits great.

I knit back across with the main color, after making the heel, to finish the 61st round.

The foot was 47 rounds long, the I did a round toe from the Sock Architecture book by Lara Neel. It is the first time I used that kind of toe. Instead of using kitchener stitch to make a seam, you decrease until you can wrap the yarn through the stitches and pull – like a hat. I wanted to see how that kind of toe worked for me. It certainly feels different than the traditional kitchener toe or Judy’s Magic Cast On toe, but I haven’t worn these much yet (other than to try them on) because it’s been too warm.

I did my best to make the socks identical, but I failed in the foot at some point because the second socks has much more light blue in the toe than the first sock does. I either was off on my row count at some point in the foot, or maybe my gauge changed. I’m not sure. I don’t mind – it won’t show when I’m wearing them in shoes. I had to wind off a bunch of yarn to start off the second sock in the same place as the first, so I saved that for hexipuffs. I cast on at a color change, so I ended up with a super long tail. I cut those off, and will use that leftover yarn to sew my hexipuffs together. None of that scrap yarn will go to waste!


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