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Splurge! Or What I Got at YarnCon

Posted by Andi on April 24, 2016

My stash is huge. I am in no danger of running out of yarn any time soon. I’m doing my best to control the growth of my stash. I’ve discussed some of the measures I’m taking here before. I keep track of the number of yards of yarn I add to my stash every year, and also keep track of the number of yards I remove (either by knitting or by destashing). Excluding yarn I buy for specific projects, I try to limit the yarn I purchase just because I think it’s pretty and want it in my stash to indie dyers and fiber festivals, though I often fall off the wagon.

The first part of this year I was participating in the Winter Camp, where I was limiting my projects to those I could make with yarn already in my stash, and I wouldn’t buy any yarn during that time. Winter Camp ended at the end of March, and YarnCon was the first weekend in April, so I gearing up to make my first yarn purchases of the year at YarnCon.

I failed a bit. I did buy some yarn before YarnCon. I decided I wanted a new shawl to wear with a dress and I bought the yarn for that from Knit Picks. But it didn’t arrive at my house until after YarnCon, so it doesn’t count, right?

Here is what I got at YarnCon:

My #YarnCon haul. #knitting #yarn

Normally I walk around to all the booths before buying anything, unless I see something I have to have and I’m worried it could be sold out before I get back there. The first yarn on the left I bought as soon as I saw it. It’s by Happy-Go-Lucky, which I have never heard of but is based in the Chicago area. It’s their HGL Sock base in the colorway Magnificent Mile – which is the colors of the Chicago flag. I have the Chicago flag tattooed on my arm, so of course I had to have that. But, I really wanted to buy more from this vendor. I’m guessing I have a lot in common with the dyer, because I loved a lot of her colorway names. One is Lemon Lymon, which is a reference to The West Wing. Awesome!

Going into YarnCon there was one thing I was looking for in paticular. I have the pattern for Endless Rainbow by Martina Behm. I have yarn to use for the rainbow part, but I needed a solid with enough yardage for the main color. I knew that Leading Men Fiber Arts has fingering weight yarn in 150g put ups, since I’ve bought it in the past (see my Duchess of Devonshie shawl). At first I was thinking I wanted a light gray, but then I saw this light blue yarn (next to the pair of socks in the photo) and thought it was the perfect sky color to go with the rainbow yarn. It’s their Soliloquy base in the colorway Ol’ Blue Eyes.

I dropped the most money at the Dragonfly Fibers booth all because of my desire to knit things in the colors of my favorite sports teams. The second yarn from the left caught my eye first because I don’t have any yarn in Cubs colors. It is their Djinni base in the Wrigleyville colorway. Sold! The yarn that is third from the left is in the Chief Black Hawk colorway, which I had seen before but never purchased. As opposed to being just black and red or red, black and white, it is based on the colors of the Blackhawks’ logo. I had been wanting that for a while, so I bought that too.

I’m a sucker for undyed yarns that are the color of the animal. There were a couple of vendors selling such yarn. With Tim’s help I picked the top cake of yarn from Deitricks’ Alpaca Ranch. It is 200 yards of worsted weight yarn spun from a mixture of Maggie’s and Pretty Thing’s fleece. I love it. It’s such a pretty gray. I plan to make a Handbrake Cowl out of it.

Finally, the pair of socks were for Tim. He loves the socks I knit for him, but last year I bought him a pair of manufactured alpaca socks and he loved them for the coldest days of the year. They were getting worn out, so I bought him a new pair to replace the old ones.

So that was a lot. More than I planned. Oops! But here’s how well I did at stash busting at Winter Camp. Between the YarnCon purchases and the Knit Picks yarn for the shawl I have 3,470 “yards in”, but I also had 4,520.4 “yards out” for 130%. I didn’t knit all of those yards. 820 yards was from destashing a skein of lace weight yarn. I thought for sure I bought more than I used, but I was wrong!


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