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When Not Following the Pattern Comes Back to Bite You

Posted by Andi on April 1, 2016

Last year a local yarn store nearby closed. I bought a sweater’s quantity of Cascade 220 on sale there right before it closed. I wanted to make a warm oversized sweater that had enough room to have several layers underneath that, but that would also be interesting to knit. I chose the Caldwell Pullover and made it a size bigger than I really needed. I’m happy with the body, but the sleeves, not so much.

Caldwell Pullover
Pattern: Caldwell Pullover by Courtney Spainhower
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9541 Lupin (4.88 skeins, 1073.6 yards, 488 grams)
Needles: US 8
Date started: December 31, 2015
Date completed: March 13, 2016

The problem with the sleeves is that yarn overs and decreases cause it to puff out. It’s most visible on the left sleeve. This is after I tried to block it out. It was worse before. I didn’t notice it was doing that until after I finished knitting the sleeves. I went back to the Raverly pattern page to look at the finished objects to see if it happened to anyone else. It did, but because the others who knit the pattern didn’t make theirs oversized like I did and the sleeves fit closer to their arms it’s not as obvious.

So yeah, not thrilled with the sleeves. But I wore the sweater the other morning when the temperature dropped during the night and it was cold in my apartment in the morning. And you know what? It worked just like I wanted it to. My long-sleeved shirt fit under it just fine, and it totally warmed me up. So, success? I guess so.


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