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The Rest of 2015

Posted by Andi on January 24, 2016

My last post from a few weeks ago showed the last of my finished objects in 2015. I had a few days left in the year, but didn’t want to cast on anything new because I wanted any new projects to count towards my Winter Camp score, and for that I couldn’t cast on before 7:00 PM on New Year’s Eve.

I decided to go back to my long term work in progress – the Beekeeper’s Quilt. A while back, maybe two years ago, a friend sent me a bunch of fingering weight leftovers. I put them all in a project bag, and tried to make two of each with the time I had left in 2015. I didn’t get through all of them, but I made 24 new hexipuffs.

24 new hexipuffs

For Winter Camp (which I will discuss more in my next post) we can get one point for each hexipuff we do. As such, there was a thread in the Ravelry group where participants posted where they were on their Beekeeper’s Quilts or other sock yarn blankets prior to the official cast on time. For the first time in a long time I counted my hexipuffs and examined my progress.

Beekeeper's Quilt Progress

The bottom part of the picture shows the quilt in progress. There are 86 hexipuffs that are already sewn together. The top part of the picture shows two piles of hexipuffs. I start sewing on from the pile on the left, which has 24 hexipuffs. The pile on the left contains duplicates of puffs already in the blanket or in the pile on the right, and there are 79 hexipuffs in that pile. The total number of hexipuffs I have is 189. I will need to see how big the blanket is once all 189 are sewn together, but I’m guessing I’m close to half done with it.

I was counting my yards in and yards out in 2015, hoping to be around 100% – using or destashing about as much as I acquire. It was a spectacular failure, mostly because I bought several sweater’s quantities of yarn, but didn’t knit them up. I either knit or destashed 12,537.5 yards, but I acquired 16,944 yards. I hope to do much better this year. I can say that so far I have finished a hat (which I will show in my next post) and so far, have not bought any yarn.


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