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Working the System

Posted by Andi on August 1, 2015

I started sewing my hexipuffs together a while back because I was experiencing arm pain that was exacerbated by knitting, but not by sewing. I guess the movements were just different enough that sewing didn’t increase the pain. I’m nowhere done knitting as many hexipuffs as I need to finish my blanket, but since sewing didn’t hurt I figured it was a way to stay crafty while I wasn’t knitting.

Prior to that point I hadn’t thought much about how I was going to sew them together. I knew I wanted the hexipuff placement to seem random — not have too many solids next to each other, or too many variegated hexipuffs next to each other, or too many in the same color family next to each other. Other than that, though, I hadn’t thought much about it. But when I started sewing it together I realized I had to come up with something because I tend to knit two hexipuffs out of each leftover fingering weight skein or mini skein I have. I didn’t want the same hexipuff to be too close together.

It was time to create a system.

Hexipuff system

The first thing I did was to separate my hexipuffs into two piles — one that had the first of two and any single hexipuffs, and a second that were duplicates of the hexipuffs in the first pile. I put the first pile into the blue bag and the second pile into the beige bag. When I choose a new hexipuff to add from the blanket, it always comes out of the blue bag. I will not touch any hexipuffs in the beige bag until the blue bag is empty. That way, no duplicate hexipuffs will be near each other.

The skull project bag contains my leftover bits of fingering weight yarn, and bits of leftover fingering weight yarns others have given me. I try to get two hexipuffs out of each leftover. One goes in the blue bag, and one goes in the beige bag. If I still have more of that yarn left over it goes into another bag (not in the picture) where my fingering weight scraps that have been used are stored.

You can see six hexipuffs in the picture. Those are the most recent hexipuffs I made. I had to make them. The skull bag was getting too full. I had two fingering weight projects on the needles at the time, so I knew more leftovers would be going in soon, and I was already having a hard time zipping it. I went through all the leftovers in there, and found that I already had knit one hexipuff out of each of those six yarns, so I would only have to knit more more to remove them from the bag. After I took the picture, I put those six hexipuffs into the beige bag.

I have to be honest. I have so many leftovers from other people that they don’t fit in the skull bag. I have to start working on those, as well as what’s in the skull bag from projects I made.

The last bag is the blue and white bag, which I keep the polyfill in.

So there you go. It may seem cumbersome, but it helps me keep track of all of the moving parts of this project.


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