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Slowly Getting to a SABLE Situation

Posted by Andi on June 28, 2015

Last year I was so good about keeping my yarn purchasing under control, and this year I feel like I just can’t buy enough yarn.

And I’m not knitting fast enough.

A few weeks ago, when we were in Indiana, we visited Sheep’s Clothing in Valparaiso. It’s a lovely shop. We go there about once a year. While there I asked Tim to see if there were yarns or patterns he liked, or just colors… anything. I regularly do this when Tim comes to a yarn store with me as a way to prevent him from being bored to tears, and to get ideas of things he likes so if I want to knit him a gift I know what to get. The whole time we were there I kept asking if if he saw anything that interested him. No. I would pick up skeins of yarns in colors I thought he would like and asked if he liked them. No. Finally he said he saw two skeins of yarn he liked, and in particular he liked the color combination.

Cascade 220 Fingering in #8891 Cyan and #9570 Concord Grape

This is Cascade 200 Fingering in the Cyan and Concord Grape colorways. I told him I could make him a boomerang scarf out of these colors. He decided he wanted the cyan stripes to be wider than the concord grape stripes, so that’s why I bought two skeins of cyan and one of concord grape. I’m not sure when I will get to these, but at least there is a project associated with this yarn.

Unfortunately a local yarn store near me has closed. In the weeks before it closed its doors they had a huge sale. So what did I do? I decided to buy a sweater’s quantity of yarn. There weren’t many sweater’s quantity’s left. I was debating whether to buy two or three colors to make a multicolored sweater, but I couldn’t pick out a pattern quickly enough to make that decision. Then I looked at the yarns where there were enough skeins to make a sweater. I chose this one.

Cascade 200 in #9451 Lupin

This is Cascade 200 (the worsted version this time) in the Lupin colorway. I bought all six skeins, which is 1,320 yards (ouch). I can make a sweater to fit myself with that much yardage, but it will have to be basic or have three-quarter sleeves or something like that. Nothing with cables or oversized. There were some colors with more than six skeins, but I didn’t like those colors very much.

So there we go, 2,139 new yards of yarn entered my stash. In my defense I’m destashing 510 yards as a playoff pool prize, so I really only added 1,629 yards.

I first heard of the acronym SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) a few years ago, but lately it has popped up on my Twitter feed and in other places. I am no where near that point, but I just can’t knit fast enough lately. But that makes me wonder, if I didn’t buy any yarn until I use up my stash (with the exception of the several yards of leftovers from each project) how long could I knit? I don’t even know how many yards I have. Maybe three to five years? I don’t know.

It’s completely unrealistic for me to say I wouldn’t buy yarn until I completely knit down my stash. But I wonder if I could go a full year? Six months? Could I do it? I probably could if it wasn’t for gifts. Until recently much of the time when I bought larger quantities of yarn it was to make a gift for someone. Could I go six months and not buy yarn and just knit from my stash? I must be able to.

Here’s my goal. I do have a few gifts I already know I want to make. Once I buy the yarn for those, I want to go a year without buying yarn. This is cheating in a way because the gifts are going to be kind of time consuming. But can I go a year without buying yarn? That’s going to be the goal for 2016 because this is ridiculous already. Let’s hope I don’t buy 83490284392 skeins of yarn in the rest of 2015 to make up for it!


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