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Round, Round, Get Around Shawl

Posted by Andi on June 6, 2015

Round, Round, Get Around Shawl
Pattern: Round, Round, Get Around Shawl by C.C. Almon
Yarn: Dream In Color Starry in Happy Forest (.88.skein) and Visual Purple (.96 skein)
Needles: US 5
Date started: April 6, 2015
Date completed: May 20, 2015

I love this shawl! It’s so nice and big and warm. Too bad I finished it just as the weather was getting nicer. Even though we’ve had a few unseasonably cold days, I’ve only been able to wear it once.

I bought this pattern right when it came out and was on sale with the intention of using the Purl Soho Line Weight yarn I bought when I was in NYC in January, 2014. Then one day I was pattern stalking and found a different pattern to use for that yarn. So I sat on this one for a while until I remembered I had two colors of Dream In Color Starry, maybe I could use those.

The pattern is mostly garter stitch, so while I was knitting it the rows that had both green and purple in them were kind of smooshed up, and it was difficult to see those rows. However, blocking opened it up nicely.

Round, Round, Get Around Shawl

My comfort with slip stitches makes me think I might be ready to try some stranded projects. Even though slip stitch knitting requires only using one color per row, it’s still stranded. You still have to carry the working yarn behind the slipped stitches. I have managed to do this on two projects now without them puckering, so I’m proud of myself.

Now for the numbers. This shawl used up 826.2 yards of yarn, bringing my total yards out to 4,553. My yards in is 5,603.2, so I have knit 81.3% of that. The sweater, shawl, and sock projects I currently have on the needles are keeping me on pace, at least until I use my LYS gift certificate to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn. I might do that today or tomorrow.


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