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In Which I Showed Great Restraint

Posted by Andi on April 26, 2015

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to YarnCon this year because of my schedule. I was out of town on Saturday and flew home on Sunday after a long, hard week and didn’t think I would have the energy for it. But on Sunday morning I saw pics on Facebook and Instagram of my friends’ purchases I decided I had to go.

There were so many beautiful things I wanted to buy, but I amazingly showed restraint. Here is what I got.

My #YarnCon haul. #knitting

I needed a sort of “in-between” size project bag – for something bigger than socks but not sweater-sized. I saw some Cubs ones and a Walking Dead one, but decided to go with this general zombie one from Art Institchtute. I could buy all her bags. Many have skulls!

The yarn in the middle is The Cyborg’s Craft Room Assockilate in the Neon Decay colorway. I wanted so many skeins of yarn in this booth, and after standing there for a long time I bought this one (I was limiting myself to only one). The yarns that drew me in at that booth had black with some bright colors. They looked like the colors you see in space photos.

The yarn on the right is Leading Men Fiber Arts Soliloquy in Into the Woods. It’s 657 yards of fingering weight yarn. I have several skeins of Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn, but I really wanted a skein of this yarn because of the yardage. Usually sock yarn skeins have 350-450 yards. This would allow me to make a larger project without having to buy two skeins of yarn and having a ton left over. I’ve been contemplating patterns to couple with this yarn, and have some narrowing down to do.

And that’s it! That was all I got. I saw so many more skeins of yarn, project bags, pottery, jewelry, buttons and other beautiful things, but I limited myself to these three items. I think this is the least amount of money I have spent at YarnCon in several years.

But there were several things I really wanted and skipped out on. The main thing I decided not to buy was some Bijou Basin Ranch yarn, specifically yak blend yarns. I’ve been wanting some of that yarn for a long time. It’s expensive because it’s a luxury fiber, but it’s gorgeous. I was going to buy some yarn — I settled on a yak/silk blend lace weight yarn — but I didn’t have a pattern in mind and didn’t want to buy a random amount. I think I might buy some of that yarn in the fall, when I have a specific pattern in mind. It will be mine, someday.


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