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In Which my Beekeeper’s Quilt Starts To Look Like a Quilt

Posted by Andi on March 10, 2015

I have barely knit in the past week. I hurt my arms. It was my own fault. About two weeks ago I started having a few intense typing sessions where I wasn’t taking care of my hands. That weekend I was under the weather, and all I wanted to do was knit. I knit and knit and knit, even though my arms hurt. So now they hurt more. Stupid, I know. So I’ve been letting my arms rest. My left arm is doing much better. It’s not 100% but the rest is doing it well. The right arm has been slower because I’m right handed and I use it to write. But it’s getting there.

I decided to stop knitting for a bit (though I did knit a few rounds on a sock last night). However, I still wanted to get some crafty-related things done. One of the things I decided to do was to start sewing together some of my hexipuffs.

I maybe have half the number of hexipuffs i will need for my blanket, but I've started sewing them together. #knitting

I’ve actually assembled a few more since I took this picture. I figured the sewing wouldn’t hurt my hands as much (and I was right), but I was also thinking that if I waited and did all the sewing when I finished knitting all the hexipuffs it would take forever and I would lose motivation. Normally I hate sewing seams and that type of finishing work, but I’ve really enjoyed this. Maybe it’s because each seam is small, or maybe it’s because I’m enjoying figuring out which hexipuff to add next. Whatever the case may be, I’ve actually been motivated to do this.

I’m trying to make the quilt look as random as possible. I don’t want too many solids near each other, but I don’t want too many variegated hexipuffs next to each other. I don’t want similar colors next to each other. Sometimes I go through 10 or 12 hexipuffs before I find the next one I want to add, but that’s okay. I’m using a whip stitch to sew the hexipuffs together on the wrong size. In some places some of the stitching is visible on the right side, but I’m not too concerned about that.

This is still a long term project. I figure I haven’t knit even half of what I need to make the size blanket I want. The nice thing about starting to assemble it is it will be more obvious when I have enough since I don’t have to wonder what size it is.

I’m using scrap yarn, some of the same scraps I used to make hexipuffs, to sew it together. It’s using even more yarn!! The problem is I haven’t been deducting it from my stash. Hm. I might have to come up with a way to estimate that.


2 Responses to “In Which my Beekeeper’s Quilt Starts To Look Like a Quilt”

  1. Mimi said

    You’ve already started assembling this??!! Amazing!

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