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Buying more yarn than I’m knitting

Posted by Andi on March 8, 2015

Even though I’m trying to keep my yarn purchases to a minimum, I think I bought more yarn in February than I used.

It started on Presidents’ Day. I had the day off. I went to the dentist, then had some time to kill before meeting up with friends, so I went to a yarn shop that I haven’t been to in quite a long time. I just wanted to see what they were carrying these days.

I was good. I made it to the back of the store without wanting to buy something, when I came upon the sale yarn. My inclination was to take the sock yarn I saw, because I can always do something with that, but I have so much sock yarn it isn’t even funny. Then I saw the pack of 10 skeins of Berroco Captiva for half off.

Berroco Captiva

I figured it would make a nice top, so I bought it. I never would have bought this yarn had it been full price. I might make Pause or Flex. There are a few other patterns in the running, but those are the front runners at the moment.

Later in the month I took a trip to my LYS because I hadn’t been in there in a long time. I stumbled upon this yarn.

Berroco Lustra

I loved how it is red and blue. One of the women who works in the shop said that when it is knit up it looks red with a blue halo. Awesome! I bought all three skeins they had. I don’t know what I would have done if they had more. I was scouring Ravelry for something to make with it. I wanted something simple because the yarn is so pretty and I want that to be the star. I think I’m going to go with Barley, Maize, and Oats. I just have to decide if I’m going to make full mittens or fingerless mitts, as the Maize pattern has both.

I did do some knitting this month. Actually, quite a bit of knitting. I can’t show one item that was a gift, and I don’t have any good pics of the stole I’m making. I started a sweater for Tim, but again, no pictures yet. It’s still pretty small. Finally, since those projects are larger, I started a new pair of vanilla socks.

Travel knitting

However, because I finished very little, I’m in bad shape on my yards in/yards out calculation. I have knit 1,210 yards, but have acquired 2,516 yards of yarn, for 47%. Gah!!! It’s not really that bleak. I think I have knit over 1,000 yards on my stole so far. I’m getting there. But I made a decision… I cannot buy any yarn until YarnCon.


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