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Bears OppAtt

Posted by Andi on November 15, 2014

Bears OppAtt
Pattern: OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Hearthside Fibers Vanilla Sox in the Rivals colorway, .63 skeins
Needles: US 1
Date started: September 28, 2014
Date completed: November 9, 2014

These socks were the result of a football challenge with my friend Mimi, who is a Packers fan. The goal was to start the socks when the Bears played the Packers the first time, and finish them by the time the second Bears-Packers game ended. That game was last Sunday night.

I had actually finished most of the second sock a couple of weeks earlier, and was waiting for the day of the second game to do the toe decreases and kitchener stitch. And my initial plan was to do it while watching the game, but in the end I decided not to. After all, the Blackhawks were going to be playing at the same time as the Bears game (and of course hockey takes priority over football in my life). So I decided to finish the socks in the morning instead.

That was a good call. I was watching the Blackhawks game, and had my Twitter feed open as per usual, when I started seeing very angry and depressed Tweets about the Bears game. At one point I flipped over to the football game during a commercial in the hockey game, saw the score was 35-0 and it was still the first half, and decided I had seen enough. I watched the rest of the hockey game and never turned the football game back on.

Even though the Bears lost both games to the Packers, I did finish my pair of socks first, and therefore I won!!

I learned a new skill working on these socks – cabling without a cable needle. I knew it was possible, but never bothered to learn how to do that. The OppAtt pattern has instructions for it. It doesn’t actually tell you to cable traditionally, it only says how to do it without a cable needle. Perfect! Now I know how to do that! At times I thought this yarn might be splitty, but I think that was a function of cabling without a cable needle. Most of the time when the yarn split it was when I was trying to do that, and I was probably inserting the needle through the yarn. When I was just plain knitting or purling I didn’t seem to have any problems.

These socks didn’t take a lot of yarn — only 255.2 yards. That brings my total knit to 10,078.7 yards. At the time I had finished these socks I had purchased 9,301 yards of yarn, meaning I have knit 108% of the yards I purchased. Since then I received a new skein of yarn so I’m down to 104%, but still ahead! I have at least three projects I want to finish by the end of the year, and as of now I have no plans to buy more yarn. I have the yarn for all three projects. I’m on track!!


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