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They have returned!

Posted by Andi on October 28, 2014

Last week I was off work and sick. Sick enough that I couldn’t really do much outside the home, but not sick enough such that I was bored and antsy. I needed to do some knitting because that’s all I could really do besides watch TV (and I did a lot of that), but I was briefly out of things to knit. I still hadn’t blocked the body and sleeves on my Whirlwind sweater, so I couldn’t start on the collar/button band. I’m holding off on finishing my OppAtt socks until this coming weekend. I finished Tim’s Boomerang (see previous post). I didn’t feel up to winding a new ball of yarn, so there was only one thing I could work on.

Three new hexipuffs  #knitting

Hexipuffs!! I knit three hexipuffs using yarns from recent finished objects — two pairs of socks and a shawl. I really should be more on the ball with this. I have several others yarns from FOs that I haven’t turned into hexipuffs yet. I probably should have continued making hexipuffs, but once I had the energy to wind a new ball of yarn I did that and started a new pair of socks.

I count each hexipuff as using 10 yards of yarn. Adding these 30 yards to my current total, I have knit 105% of what I had purchased.


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