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Vertex Cardigan

Posted by Andi on October 4, 2014

Vertex Cardigan
Pattern: Vertex Cardigan by Carol Feller
Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino in colorway 137, 1.65 skeins
Needle: US 5
Date started: August 19, 2014
Date completed: September 27, 2014

This cardigan was sort of a long time coming. I bought this yarn two years ago (but it seems like longer) when an LYS was having a going out of business sale. I bought three skeins. That’s an odd amount for me, so I’m thinking it must have been the last three skeins in that color, but I’m not sure. For the longest time I was thinking of making a shawl with it. At some point I saw this pattern in an issue of Interweave Knits and decided it would be a better use of the yarn.

There is quite a bit to say about this yarn. First, even though it’s called Ella Rae Lace Merino, it’s actually fingering weight. I knew that when I bought it, so I was able to start looking for appropriate patterns. Caking the yarn was really frustrating. I did all three skeins because I didn’t know if I was going to use two full skeins or not. All three skeins had cuts in them. I wound one of the skeins into two cakes, and two of the skeins I wound into three cakes. Even beyond that, when I started knitting I found other weak spots where I broke the yarn and started again so the sweater wouldn’t unravel. I was so annoyed when I was done caking the yarn that I started looking at reviews on Ravelry. I found one or two other people who talked about cuts in the yarn. Many people complained about the name being misleading – they thought they were buying lace weight yarn (at least I had that right). The other complaint some people had was that, in some cases, skeins from the same dye lot looked very different when they were knit up. Thus, I alternated through the entire sweater, which was really irritating.

All that said, however, the yarn is so soft and has a lovely drape. It feels silky even though it is 100% merino wool. The colors are so pretty, and look consistent throughout. I don’t know if that’s because I alternated or because the colors were consistent across the skeins. Because of the cuts in the yarn, I was able to alternate with partial skeins at a time, mixing them all together even more.

Vertex Cardigan

The pattern is seamless. You do the yoke area and the fronts first, then work on the back. Once the back is as long as the two front panels it’s joined after the underarms and knit in one piece. It was interesting construction, but not confusing. The pattern tells you to measure across your back at the underarms to determine size, and I was worried the whole time that it would not come out right, but I think it did. I’m happy with the back.

The front doesn’t have a closure, and actually doesn’t close around me. It doesn’t seem to close on the model either. I looked at FOs on Ravelry, and found that it closes on some people and not others. I didn’t look closely enough to see if people just made garments with more positive ease, or if they altered the pattern to make the fronts wider. I wore this on Saturday when I took the photos (I just kept it on the rest of the day), and I think this is going to take some getting used to. I’ve never had a cardigan that doesn’t close, and even though I knew it would be like that, it still feels odd now that I’ve worn it. Also, I’ve never been much of a vest or short sleeved sweater wearer. I made this to wear over tank tops so that my shoulders could be covered a little, and it works really well for that.

This is the first fingering weight garment I have ever made. With all the fingering weight yarn I have in my stash, and all of the things I’ve knit with it, I’ve never made a garment – only accessories. I think this was a great test because I have other fingering weight sweaters I want to make, but wasn’t sure I would have the patience to make something so large in such thin yarn. This went great. It is mostly stockinette stitch, with some increases and decreases to make the bias panels. It didn’t take much thought. It was my mindless knit. I worked on it while watching television and whatnot. I feel more confident that I can start, and actually finish, other fingering weight garments. I think I have to keep it basic, however. If it had cables or lace I might get tired of making the whole thing, but if it’s my mindless project I should have no problem.


One Response to “Vertex Cardigan”

  1. Mimi said

    This is really inspiring! Congrats on the finish! It looks really great!! I really need to work on my fingering weight sweater. *sigh*

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