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Time to Finish

Posted by Andi on September 20, 2014

Yes, I’ve been knitting, and I’ve actually been productive. But I have several things that are almost finished, but not quite there.

I finished knitting my Vertex Cardigan four days ago, and haven’t washed and blocked it yet. I think I will wash it this afternoon or tomorrow. I tried it on in its unblocked state, and I’m not sure what I think of it. I will have to block it to see what I think. I was going to take a photo of the unblocked sweater, and then thought, why? It will look so much better after I block it, so you will have to wait to see it.

While I was working on that cardigan I decided to take my skein of Leading Men Fiber Arts Callback in Jazzercise Leggings to make the Fractured Light hat and mitts by Kristin Kapur. I finished knitting the hat 12 days ago, and yesterday I finished knitting the first mitt and started the second one. I’m waiting until I’m all done to buy and sew on the buttons. I posted a picture of the brim of the hat to Instagram. This photo is nowhere near as bright as the colors actually are – they are eye searing!

Planning for my flight in a few days by finishing the brim of this hat so I can knit in the round on the plane.  #knitting #ggkcraftypad

A friend commented and said those aren’t my colors, and they aren’t. But I love this skein of yarn so much, and I can’t wait to finish the project and wear the hat and mitts.

My concern is the buttons. These colors are so bright I have no idea what color buttons to get. Maybe black? Maybe the dark purple? I don’t want to use metallic buttons – I think that would be too much. I should finish the second mitt today, so maybe tomorrow or next Saturday I can run to the fabric store and see if I can find buttons I like. If you think you know what color buttons will look best please let me know.


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