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Back in the Red

Posted by Andi on August 11, 2014

July and August are clearly Stash Enhancement Time. I have already posted about the yarn I got in the swap and my first yarn club installment. Well, that was just the beginning.

First, I won a prize from the A Homespun House podcast’s Cooperative Press KAL (when I made my Fields of Malachite shawl).

My prize arrived! Thanks @a_homespun_house !!

The prize included a skein of Colour Adventures Girly Fun DK the Forest colorway, which is a lovely green and black with some silver. It also included some Such Gwenderful Stuff stitch markers, which are in rainbow colors and are super cute. Oh, and some gummy bears from Germany. They were tasty.

Then, this past Saturday, some friends of mine from knit group and I went to Knitche because they created a pop up shop for indie dyers in their store, and the first indie dyer featured is Leading Men Fiber Arts. I like the skein of Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn I’ve used (to make my Sallah Cowl), and wanted more. Oh, I got more.

Knitche is a great store. This is the first time I’ve been there since they moved to their new location, which is on two floors. I wish it was my house. Anyway, right when we first walked in, I saw this awesome Colinette Jitterbug and decided I had to have it.

Colinette Jitterbug

This is the Toscana colorway. I thought the colors would look kind of like speckles when knit up, and that seemed to be the theme for my purchases.

I went to the pop up store upstairs, and I swear I could have bought all of the Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn that was there. But I didn’t. Although I had various skeins in my hand several times, eventually I came home with three skeins.

First thing first. The whole reason I wanted to go to the shop in the first place was to get a skein of any base of the colorway Jazzercise Leggings. I have been coveting this for months. I have also been coveting Regia Fluormania yarn, which comes in all kinds of fluorescent colors, but when I saw I could get yarn in fluorescent yarn from an indie dyer I decided to get that. Then when I heard the pop up shop was coming I decided not to order it online.

Leading Men Fiber Arts Callback

This is the Callback base, which is sport weight. I think I’m going to alter the Sock Head Hat pattern for sport weight yarn. It will be fantastic to wear some bright yarn on dreary winter days. Later I saw a skein of Fluormania in the shop and picked it up, but decided to put it back.

At this point I started picking up a bunch of skeins and putting them back. Here are the two I ultimately chose.

Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper

This is the Show Stopper base in the Imperfection colorway. Notice the speckles? I love them!! I have no project in mind for this, but I just had to have it.

Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stealer

This is the Show Stealer base, which is merino, cashmere, and nylon. This is the Sritely Endeavors colorway. If you look closely at the picture you will see it has some speckles in it as well. It’s funny, you can think the yarn you have in your hands is soft and nice, until you touch this skein and realize you didn’t really know what soft yarn felt like until you touched it. These are going to make fantastic socks, but I may make a scarf or cowl instead so I can feel it against my neck instead.

I stopped myself here. This is what I bought. All this stash enhancement has really impacted my yards out/yards in ratio. The five skeins of yarn in this post added 1,857 yards to my total purchased in 2014. Thus far I have completed projects totalling 5,477.1 yards, meaning I have knit 83.3% of the yards I have purchased. Before this I was at 111%. So I’m back to having bought more than I used.

Speaking of enhancement, I won another podcast prize, this time from the Dramatic Knits podcast for their June Race to the Finished Object thread (for finishing my Cowl Neck Vest.

Podcast Prize

This is a cute project bag and some buttons from Art Institchtute. Perfect timing, because I’m going to need another project bag so I can cast on some more yarn and catch up!! Seriously, recently I decided I don’t have enough project bags, and so I was really happy to receive this.


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