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Indie Burgh Socks, or What I Did at the Blackhawks Convention

Posted by Andi on July 27, 2014

I swear I’ve been knitting. Really, I have. I’ve been slacking on a sweater, and I’ve knit two things I can’t really talk about yet. But I have finished something! I started these socks right after I finished the Electric Blue Anklets I posted about last time. Oh, and the socks really are even, I just didn’t make sure they were even on my legs when I took the picture.

Indie Burgh Socks
Pattern: Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl 2014 Socks by C.C. Almon
Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in We’re Different Strohblume, .57 skein
Needles: US 1
Date started: July 4, 2014
Date completed: July 20, 2014

This is such a great pattern. It’s so easy to memorize, and comes in both toe-up and cuff-down versions, so you can make whichever one you want. I went with the toe-up version, which seems to be my sock of choice lately. I realize that I hate picking up the gusset stitches along the heel flap edge in magic loop. I don’t mind it on DPNs, but for some reason I really don’t like it on magic loop.

Last weekend was the Blackhawks Convention. There is a lot of sitting around or waiting in line at the Blackhawks Convention, so I thought this would be the perfect project to take. I had already finished the first sock by then, and was just starting the second. I got as far as the toe. I don’t know why, but when I’m doing toe-up socks and taking them somewhere to work on them, I want the toe to be finished first. I’m just weird that way. So I only had the toe of the second sock done before I went to the convention last Friday. I started working on the foot Friday afternoon when I was in line to get a wristband to get Jack O’Callahan’s (former Blackhawk and 1980 Olympic Team member) autograph.

Knitting in Jack O'Callahan's autograph line #knitting #BlackhawkConvention #operationsockdrawer

It grew from there. I arrive Saturday morning for the first sessions (about the Blackhawks baby boom) and took this picture. I didn’t put the whole sock in the picture, but you can tell that the foot was much further along.

Waiting for the first session to start. #hockey #knitting #operationsockdrawer

I even finished the gusset and turned the heel on Saturday. I was in the home stretch on Sunday. I just had a few more pattern repeats of the leg and the cuff to finish.

Day 3 of the Convention. Almost done! #knitting #operationsockdrawer #hockey #BHC2014

I really thought I would finish the cuff at the convention on Sunday. I was going to sit through two sessions in the same room, and I didn’t leave the room in between. Part way through the second session I started the first row of the cuff when I realized I really had to use the restroom. For a few minutes I thought I would wait until the end of the session, but at that point I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I put the sock away and went to the restroom, thinking I would be back in the room in five minutes and I would finish the cuff. But as I was walking to the restroom and woman who worked at the convention approached me and asked if I wanted Brent Seabrook’s autograph. You couldn’t just wait in line for his autograph, you had to win a pass. I said okay, she handed me a pass, and I decided to do that instead. Only I realized I had nothing for him to sign, so I had to run downstairs to the market area to get a puck and run back upstairs to get in line. Once I got Brent Seabrook’s autograph the session was over.

I did finish the sock that day, but I didn’t start back up on the cuff again until I got home. The socks took 290.7 yards of yarn, bringing my total yards knit so far this year (including some yardage for one of those things I mentioned above that I can’t post about yet) to 5,131.5. At the time I finished these (it has since changed but this is also a story for another post) I had purchased 3,857 yards of yarn this year. Thus, as of July 20, I had knit 133% of the total yardage I have purchased so far this year.


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