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Still going, and going, and going…

Posted by Andi on June 22, 2014

Remember when I used to knit hexipuffs every month and post about how many I made each month and how many I had total? Yeah, I do too. And then I slacked off. I don’t know if I got busy knitting other things, whether the allure of the hexipuff wore off, probably a combination of the two. But for whatever reason, my hexipuff productivity dropped significantly. Remember when I said I wanted to knit five hexipuffs a month this year? Before last weekend I had only knit two.

I might finally be back on the bandwagon. It took not knowing what project to work on, but I might be getting there. Last Sunday we went over to my father and stepmother’s house for Father’s Day. I knew we would be sitting around, so I wanted to bring a knitting project with. I didn’t want to bring the sweater I’m making because it’s a gift and I’m not sure if the recipient is allergic to dogs or not. My dad and stepmother have two dogs. I had started another sock, but that was just to get it on the needles so I had a travel project available this past week. I didn’t want to get too much done on that. So I decided to take my hexipuff fixings, and I actually made four!

New hexipuffs #knitting

I made these out of four fingering weight yarns I’ve used recently. Clockwise from top left, I used the yarn from my Safari Socks, the yarn from my Kai-Mei socks, the yarn from my Sallah Cowl, and the yarn from the Shallows infinity scarf I made for a charity auction. One more hexipuff and I finish my goal for the month!

Going by the five a month goal I had, by the end of June I should be at 30 hexipuffs. I’m at six. At some point I would really like to catch up. The sweater I’m making has a deadline, and of course instead of making that today I will be casting on something else, so who knows when I will catch up. It will be the perfect project for hot summer days, though, so perhaps my hexipuff production will be dependent upon the weather.

I count each hexipuff as about 10 yards of yarn, although I’ve never specifically measured it. That’s what the designer said, so I’m going with that. Therefore, I’m counting these four hexipuffs as using 40 yards of yarn. That means I’ve now knit 123% of the yards I bought so far this year (4,737 yards knit, 3,857 yards purchased).


2 Responses to “Still going, and going, and going…”

  1. tricotreat said

    Get out of my head! I am getting back into these after slacking off for several months. Plus I may (or may not) have succumbed to another hexagon project that I can’t justify unless I wrap up the BKQ.

  2. Barbara said

    My daughter and I have just started the hexipusffs! Love the ones you have made and excited to get started on ours!

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