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Gnome Hat

Posted by Andi on May 3, 2014

Gnome Hat
Pattern: Wee Folk Art Pointed Pixie or Gnome Hat by Michelle WeeFolkArt
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Bubbles in 2431, 1 ball
Needles: US 13
Date started: April 24, 2013
Date completed: April 24, 2013

Friends of mine had a baby boy recently. I made this hat for him. I had originally made him something else, but decided it wasn’t the right gift. I thought this hat would be much better. I thought it fit his family’s personality better.

I called it a gnome hat (since it’s for a boy I wasn’t going to call it a pixie hat), but when his mom posted a picture of him wearing it on Facebook she called it a wizard hat. I like that! It can totally be a wizard hat!!

What I liked about this hat, and one of the reasons I chose to make it, is that the hat tapers up. If the hat is too big as is, the bottom can be rolled up to a part of the hat with a smaller circumference. This way, I hope the little boy can wear it for longer, and get more use out of it.

Like many projects I’ve worked on this year, this project was a stash busting project. This yarn has been in my stash for two years. A woman in my knit group brought it one night — a man whose mother was a knitter and had passed away contacted her to see if she would take her knitting supplies. There were four balls of this yarn, and I took all four with the thought of making a baby sweater. I made this hat instead. It used 44.5 yards of yarn, which is less than one ball. Since I have three balls left I can make at least 3 more of these hats if I want to, maybe even four if there are enough leftovers from each ball of yarn.

The actual knitting of this project was kind of a pain, however. The pattern called for size 13 needles. My new interchangeable set doesn’t have size 13 tips. I didn’t have a set of size 13 DPNs either. I was stuck using a fixed circular needle I have, which is plastic. This yarn totally grabbed onto the needles, making it difficult to knit. Note to self — I need a size 13 circular needle or DPNs that aren’t plastic.

I finished this before the Sallah Cowl, so I don’t have a new percentage of purchased yarn knit number here. I’m still at 88.5% of the yardage I purchased so far this year knit up, since this yarn was included in my calculation after making Sallah. I waited to post a picture of this hat until I knew the family received the hat. I don’t think they read this blog, but just in case I didn’t want to post it before they got it.


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