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Surplice Baby Jacket

Posted by Andi on April 23, 2014

Surplice Baby Jacket
Pattern: Surplice Baby Jacket WG50 SO43 by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Maple Grove, 1.17 skeins
Needles: US 3, 3.25 mm
Date started: April 15, 2014
Date completed: April 20, 2014

I made this for a coworker who is expecting and is due next month. She is having a girl. I had no idea what to make, and while I was going through my stash looking for a specific skein of yarn I stumbled across this yarn, which I forgot I had. I’m not one of those people who thinks babies need to wear pastel colors, but when I found this yarn and thought it looked kind of girly because of the pinkish tones in it, I thought it would suffice for a baby sweater. Now I’m not so sure because I’ve shown it to a few people who were surprised to see a baby garment in these colors. Is it just because it’s non-traditional, or is it because it’s just not okay? Oh well, this is what it is and i like it, and I hope my coworker and her husband do too.

This is the first Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern I knit. The pattern was very vague. It was published in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Vogue Knitting, and I think what was written were the notes in EZ’s notebook. The schematic was a drawing. For several of the steps I had to think really hard about what it was telling me to do as it wasn’t obvious. Eventually I trusted the pattern, and sure enough, there were sleeves and it looked like a sweater all of a sudden!! The pattern says it is sort of adjustable, and that perhaps the fronts wrap around and meet in back when the baby is small. It grows as the baby grows. But it also called for buttons, which I thought would limit where it would close. On Ravelry I saw that many people knit i-cord and threaded it through the eyelets in order for it to be truly adjustable. I had more than enough yarn, so that’s what I did.

So, now it’s time for the yards in/yards out stats. This project was a deep stash buster, using a pattern I got in 2007 and yarn that has been in my stash since 2009 — 5 years!! I have now knit (not including WIPs) 2,670.6 yards, which is 78.6% of the total yardage I have purchased so far this year.


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