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Getting into the Groove of Lace

Posted by Andi on March 24, 2014

I’m currently working on two lace projects.

I started Nori, a lace shawl, the weekend before last when I realized I wanted some new knitwear for YarnCon. Yes, I felt I had to start something new. I started the Parquet Stole about five weeks ago. It’s a travel project, so I only work on it when I’m out of town. As a matter of fact, it could very well take me all year to finish it.

Both projects had their own bumps in the road. Nori is the first lace project I’m making that has lace every row, as opposed to a purl row on the wrong side of the work. As such, I had a difficult time conceptualizing what I was doing. When the lace rows are only on the right side, at least for the patterns I have worked on, there are slight changes every row, so it’s easier to sort of “get it.” Lace knitting on the wrong side threw everything for a loop. I was making a lot of mistakes, missing yarn overs, and having to tink back quite a bit in the beginning.

The Parquet Stole had a host of problems, including the fact that it is the third project I started with this yarn. I was beginning to think the yarn was cursed. For various reasons the first two projects didn’t pan out. The Parquet Stole did not start well. I re-wound the yarn after the previous project attempt, and it got all tangled. I think the yarn enjoyed its tangled state, because after every row of the Parquet Stole the yarn was getting tangled with itself or my needles (I’m knitting flat on a circular needle). I had to do all sorts of untwisting and untangling before each row. I was getting frustrated, and was thinking about frogging the whole thing and putting the yarn away for a while, or even throwing it out.

Then something wonderful happened last week. I got into the groove on both projects, Nori on one day, and the Parquet Stole on the next. I’m not sure how it happened. All of a sudden the row on Nori made sense, and even though I will never have the pattern memorized, all of a sudden I didn’t have to think as hard when working on it and I made fewer mistakes. As for the Parquet Stole, I wrapped up the cast on tail and that alone seemed to fix the problem. Even though the previous tangles didn’t always involve the cast on tail, reducing that made everything more clear and fewer tangles ensued.

The Parquet Stole is put away until I travel again. I’m going to be working hard on Nori in order to be ready to block it by a week from tonight. I’m about half done with it.

And, of course, the title of this post reminds me of this.


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